Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hey, hope you're doing well.

We're plugging along with support raising and wedding planning. It's been keeping us busy, but it's been very worth it in many aspects. Firstly, God has blessed us with many new friends and getting to know old friends much better. Getting to actually know who people are and building relationships is such a cool experience. So many great stories about what's happening in peoples lives.

I have been doing a bit of unofficial MAF recruiting as I meet with a few guys working on joining MAF as pilots. We have also been MAF representatives at a couple missions conferences. A few weeks ago I led a guys bible study which was a great time with many interesting questions being asked. On Valentines Day I preached at a church retreat about love, athletes and Christians; which was also a great time of fellowship. Jocelyn led the children's time during that service and also led a children's bible study a few weeks ago. She spent a few days in the States visiting friends and buying a wedding dress, which left me alone (very different as we usually spend everyday together). I used the time to catch up on paperwork, set-up and go to some appointments, get some wedding plans in order, and also start a possible project of a theology/missions course for future MAF applicants. Jocelyn had her medical and completed her psych evaluation paperwork, so her application process is coming right along. When we're not fund raising we attend marriage counseling once a month, we continue to help out at the Out of the Cold program (soup kitchen/overnight stay service in Kitchener) every Sat night, we help out every few weeks at the tuesday night kids club program at Woodside Church in Elmria and, almost every monday night we practice/learn a bit of francais with a french family from Hawkesville Mennonite Church.

This week we had many meetings and visits with people. We also had a goal of getting to 50% of our monthly support by weeks end. After just finishing the numbers we're at...(drum roll)....57%!!!!!!! It is a very happy day! and SUCH an answer to prayer for us. We live on God's timing and that is more and more evident.

enjoy the day!


Nick and Jocelyn