Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As we have been able to do some research into the DRC where we will be heading with MAF; there are many articles that I think really shows the need of the country.

This is one of them;

Africa's great riddle

The bleak calculus of Congo’s war without end

A woman's machete-ravaged face testifies to the brutality of  Congo's conflict.

"After more than a decade, Congo's death toll is greater than that of Afghanistan and Iraq combined – and the UN's biggest peacekeeping force seems unable to stop the suffering..."

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Please read and be in prayer with us for this country.


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Managers / Pilots / Mechanics / Administrators are needed on the field. As a pilot and advisor, Nick plays a very important role of flying and advising on operations in the WDRC program. DRC is one of the most difficult places to do 'business' there are as many or more difficulties going into the office then flying over the jungles of Congo. However difficult his job is a necessary one; there are numerous isolated places and people in Congo that need MAF to be here.

The only way that we can continue to do the work that Gad has laid before us in Congo is by your generous donations.

We are aware that some partner with us for only a season which leaves an opportunity for others to come along side our ministry; because of that we are always looking those who will partner with us in our ministry with MAF to be able to keep our fundraising goal at 100%. Would you prayerfully ask God if He is prompting you to be a part of our ministry?

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