Happy Easter

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I have been waiting a little while to put a new post up because we should be posting our newsletter here very soon! However it has not happened quite yet so I just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone and I hope you all had a wonderful season celebrating the resurrection of Jesus! (and Bunnies... that lay eggs... I still don't quite get that)

Some exciting news that has been going on in our life, we are right on schedule for our fundraising and are officially at 70%! We are right on to be able to get to 100% by our wedding. We have been able to visit with lots of people and even had Hawkesville Mennonite Church; which is our home church right now; have a fundraiser for us Easter Sunday morning! So thank you so much for everyone that participated in that!

Also! I (Jocelyn) was able to be a part of my first 'Maple Syrup Festival'! There was lots of food... some rides and TONS of people, I was able to walk through the sugar shacks and see how maple syrup is made and I found out I'm quite good at selling pop corn! It was a fun weekend to see people from all over the place come out to the tiny little town Elmira!

So I think that is all our updates at the moment! Our news letter will be coming out soon for everyone to read!
[We were able to attend a sunrise service on Easter Sunday, it was a beautiful reminder of the 'Son Rising']