Blood Donor

Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Nick and I have taken upon ourselves since Nick is not flying at the moment and we have not been to Africa and contracted malaria to give blood every 56 days; which has been quite a fun date for the 2 of us. So we went the other day to go and give blood; while Nick had been a little sick for the last couple days and I was feeling good I went in thinking that he was going to get rejected as soon as they say his running nose.

However when I go up to the lady to get my Iron checked she looks at my card, pokes my finger and drops my blood into the little blue container of liquid.

At first it looks like it is dropping quite well but then it gets about half way down and like a puppet on a string starts back for the top... rather quickly...

The lady goes 'oh dear' and I explain that the same thing happened to me last time but when they tested it on the machine it turned out quite fine. So she squishes my finger a little bit more to get some more blood out and puts it in the machine as she laughs and tells me she has never seen blood float up quite that fast. Then the thing beeps and she tells me that my iron is to low and Im not aloud to give blood; she sends me off with a nurse who gives me a thing that tells me to eat more steak.

However then Nick goes through and is approved just fine (other then I think he streached the truth on Question #1 where it asks you if you are feeling well today!!)

So my expectations going in were turned upside down and I was the one that ended up sitting there reading Macleans about how Canadians use to much water!


  1. sorry for your loss! I too have had many denials from the blood clinic because of iron and it's really a tragic event. Did you still eat a doughnut? I usually did - with little to no guilt because after all, I had intended to give blood and they were the ones preventing me. The doughnut also made me feel better while I sat there reading magazines waiting for Luke to give his meaningful contribution (of blood) to society.