Duck & Bride

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Well as promised...

We have been relatively busy lately with WEDDING stuff... Just in case you wanted to know it is 32 days until Wedding number 1 and the plans are going well... or I am just forgetting to do a whole bunch of stuff... Who knows it could be a mix of both.

Both sides of the family are very excited for both weddings; the Bradfield crew is excited to have an excuse for a family reunion and it should be tons of fun. I have had so much help from some awesomely creative ladies that are helping me decorate for the wedding in Ontario.

So I guess the couple of things that happened wedding wise over the last little while would be the wonderful ladies of Hawkesville threw me a bridal shower with games (they tried to see how well I REALLY knew Nick; which I would have to say I passed with flying colours) a chocolate fountain which I believe was the favorite of the guests under 15; ate some jelly bellys (Some tasted like ear wax... some like marshmallows) and just had some good time to hang out and visit with all of the amazing ladies that I have got to know over the last 4 months.

Then Charity (Nicks sister) and Dad threw us what they call in Ontario a 'Stag and Doe' which purpose was to help raise money for the wedding; which it did do that! They had rented the bottom part of a bowling ally in Waterloo and bowled the night away with a raffle; 50 50 and at the end of the night through some scheming of some uncles Nick and I Pied each other...

So it has been a pretty fun couple weeks and we thank everyone that was involved. We feel so blessed by the family and friends around to support us.

The count down continues!


  1. Thanks for sharing.....I'd say by looking at the picture Jocelyn wins the pie throw.....PJ