Monday, May 03, 2010

Hope you're getting shorts, t-shirts and sandals ready! Here's a quick what's happening in our lives.

First off, Jocelyn's an official MAF employee! The long process was completed after last weeks orientation. Now that we are both MAF pre-field missionary's we're one step closer to taking flight to Democratic Republic of Congo where we hope to be by summer of 2011.

Backing up a bit, we kicked off the month by sending out our 2nd official MAF newsletter which I hope you enjoyed. We went to a thought provoking dinner theater at Floradale Mennonite Church about peace and peacemakers. It was well done and we enjoyed seeing familiar faces at Floradale where we'll be
speaking during the service on May 23. I had the opportunity to lead a boys bible study again and also to preach at our home church of Hawkesville Mennonite. We also took part in a one day church retreat with fellow Hawkesville Menno members.

The Out of the Cold program we help out with on saturday nights at Bethany Evangelical Church is taking it's usual summer break; so we attended a volunteer appreciation dinner where Jocelyn and I shared a bit about what the program means to us. I also spoke at Bethany Church on Apr 17 to a group of approx 70 men about our ministry and what God has done in my life. Another appreciation dinner we attended was at Woodside Church for helping with the tuesday night kids club program. Jocelyn and I will be speaking at Woodside on May 9 during 2 adult sunday sessions.

A friday night and all day saturday "Engagement Workshop" we took part in gave us great tips on communicating and making our marriage last. We recommend this or similar workshops for anyone whose engaged or married. Also on the marriage front, Jocelyn had a bridal shower thrown for her which she really enjoyed. And last saturday night we had a stag and doe with bowling, prizes and Jocelyn and I pieing each other in the face :)

Amidst these major events we continue fund raising for our ministry with MAF and plan for both weddings. We didn't meet our goal of 83% ongoing support by the end of April so we continue to ask for regular support to reach our 100% goal by the first wedding (June 12). The need is there for those who are still considering support. That being said we have been receiving many one-time gifts and are overwhelmed how much is coming in. Thank you all so much!!!

May you be blessed as summer approaches!!

Nick and Jocelyn

Missions Fest Toronto


  1. Thank you for posting that group photo! I forgot to ask you for a copy. :)