9 Days and Counting!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Well we are in the single digit countdown! It is 9 days today until the big day! I think that we have everything mostly planned... ha ha to be honest I sure hope that I do and hopefully everything will go off without a hitch and the Lord will bless us with some beautiful weather. Its calling for scattered showers at the moment... Maybe they will just be really scattered!

The next 9 days I think are going to be filled with lots of last minute visiting, planning and some awesome family festivities!
8- We are getting to go to a tap dancing show which I am pretty excited about!
7- A band practice for the ceremony; and having a special time to hang out with Nicks sister.
6 - Last sunday at hawkesville church
5 - Hair appointment
4- Finishing up the party favors, making sure that everyone knows what they are doing so I don't try and take control of everything!
3 - Then my family gets in and that will be full time showing them all the wonders that I have found in the Hawkesville area since I have been here!
2- Sort of a rehearsal; then the official Bradfield-Frey/Ziegler meetings to make sure that everyone likes each other!
1 - The day before.. wow already.. this day my sister has planned a entire day of festivities that I'm not aloud to know what it is... I'm sure I will let you know after!

0 - Then there it is... after all the waiting... and the planning... it is finally here... the wedding... (until the second wedding of course!)

Stay tuned for all the pictures and wonderful details...