Pics of setting up our apartment

Monday, August 09, 2010

What you see as you walk in the door
Our inspiration and new coat hanger!
Living room
My Mess
Our awesome Air Mattress


  1. Love it!! that apartment looks like fun!!!!;) anyways glad to see that you are there and studying francais! Love these blog intriguing!!!!
    Love you guys.
    OH and the "snack" that I had packed you were supposed to eat. But more importanly there was a not in there that I had left for you both. But I will send it to you now that I have your address.
    Love You

  2. I look forward to getting it!!! Miss you!

  3. Jocelyn, we keep leaving blog comments without leaving email addresses :-) You can reach us at jrplett at gmail.
    Is this apartment the one you're living in in Quebec? So nice! I presume that means youre there for more than just a few months. I think when we went, since we were only going to be there for 3 months (i didnt want to have my baby in Quebec, so we had to leave before the due date) they put us in an older lady's basement... it was an 'interesting' experience to say the least. :-D
    Say a big hello to the Hack's and to Suzanne. I feel terrible that i havent written to her after all that time we spent with her every day, you can tell her that my written french is horrible!!! and i didnt want to depress her with the evidence of my bad language skills. LOL. I continue to remember her every so often and marvel at how much i can communicate in french now after not knowing ANYthing when we first arrived at her door. I look forward to hearing from you Jocelyn, and once i get your email address we can communicate a bit more about 'tips'.

  4. Hey, very exciting pictures... can't wait to see it in real life soon!

    - Lisa Herbert