Action de Grâce

Saturday, October 16, 2010

This past month has probably been the BEST fall I have ever had!!!

Oh my, the beauty of Gods creation in the time of change... Quebec city is so beautiful and I have been going photography crazy!!! Now everyone must understand that I grew up in Grande Prairie Alberta, where the seasons went straight from summer (AKA construction) to winter... we did have a little bit of spring, but fall wasn't really anything to be spoken of. Which I now see what I have been missing all of these years! Grande Prairie's winter was to impatient to move on that it missed the BEAUTY of fall, the leaves, the colours, pumpkins and halloween costumes without your winter jacket underneath... Now Quebec's weather is not in a hurry at all to get through any season... And it has been awesome!!!

Now me on the other hand would have like to have skipped right over the little season of language learning... it at times seemed so HARD and insignificant to what seemed like Gods main goal... DRC... and it only lasts for such a short time (Much like Autumn), by the time you make friends and relationships and really love and enjoy where you are... its time to pick up and move again.

However as this season progresses I am so thankful for this time and the gifts that God has given us in accepting this time. This place is so beautiful, I LOVE our French teacher, we have made so many wonderful friends since we have been here (we were even invited to 3 [Action de Grâce] Thanksgiving dinners), we would have missed out on SOO much if we were just so impatient and just wanted this season to end and thought it was just a waste of time. Instead we have taken to ourselves to enjoy every minute of this season of language learning.

                                So here's to the leaving of one season
                                      accepting the one and hand
                                   and looking forward to the next!

Side note...  last week nick and got the privilege of taking care of a girl named Elyssa! Wow does taking care of a 8 year old take lots of time! (I know all you mom's out there are laughing at me...) But it was quite the chance going from our own relaxed schedule to really being at the whim of a little girl. Also we were quite different from her parents that cause it was only our first week of parenthood we were her full time "players" and we sure played a lot! I mostly did the mom thing and picked her up from school, help with homework and made dinner, Nick did the morning schedule (cause no one likes me in the morning) and was often sent outside to play before dinner! It was so much though and now life seems a little less busy with out being asked to play all the time! 


  1. Mmmm, Quebec is beautiful; Fall is beautiful! Here in Calgary our leaves are pretty much gone, but we did enjoy a stunning Fall...

    I love that Thanksgiving in Frech is "Action de Grace"...

  2. I also enjoy the french name for thanksgiving! Im glad you had a good fall as well!

  3. missing autumn in Quebec! sigh!

    I wanted to say, i can totally relate to wanting to push through language study and get on to 'real' life at your field assignment! But! Now that we're almost 5 years on the field i'm wishing we had taken more time to learn the language better. Language, i'm realizing, is the foundation upon which we're building our relationships here and my foundation wasnt laid very solidly prior to our arrival. And, it seems more difficult to learn it now with 'real life' pressing in on all sides. Continue to enjoy this season of time to learn and revel in pre-field preparations, despite the itch to get out there! :-) (i know, easier said than done, i felt the same way).