Thursday, December 02, 2010

Take a look at this link [ MAF Life Link  ] to see the newest addition of MAFs Life Link where there is a picture of the Canadian Candidacy we took part in Last April. 

On the Road
We had a great few weekends of visiting during November (or 'movember' for my mustache sporting friends ;)  The first weekend away was in Montreal during the mission's conference 'Mission Globales.'  We chatted with those interested in MAF, missions or us.  Making some new friends, we also got to visit old ones (Hey Al and Raina!) at the wind tunnel in Montreal.  The following weekend had us heading to Maine (bonjour St Cyr's!) Our temporary 'family' made us feel at home and showed us around the big city.  Returning to Montreal the weekend after was to visit Jocelyn's sister (NiCoLE :) and good friend, with a great name, (Nick).  Last Friday night we trekked out again to meet up with friends in Trois Rivieres (thanks again Charlie and Cindy!)  
Life as "Usual" 
Amidst the travelling we continue to study and learn French.  It's not your average 9-5 job, and sometimes it seems like 'work' and other times it doesn't.  Conversations are coming along and we are greatful for friends who practice with us.  We are continually amazed at the diversity and unity of what God is doing in the world through people.  The broad spectrum of church's and people we've seen in our short lives, leaves us very blessed.  From Montreal to Enfield to Charlesbourg, life is anything but normal, yet God is the same.  He speaks our language and knows our hearts.  And every time we get to a new a place it seems like we can't escape God's presence or God's people.  And thank the Lord for that!

On the Road....Again!
We'll be getting around to more places and visiting more people with Christmas coming up.  Our 'tour' consists of Edmonton, Athabasca, Kitchener, Hawkesville, and a few other places in proximity to those.  This will be our last Christmas and winter in Canada, God willing, for a while anyway.  So we hope to make the most of it and enjoy family, food, fellowship, Christmas carols and celebrating Christ as Lord.  

May you have fulfilling December. Shalom
Nick and Jocelyn Frey


  1. Gabriel et NataliaDecember 3, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    N'oubliez pas d'arrêter à Deux-Montagnes durant votre tournée panaméricaine!