In a Fog

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Have you ever had those times where you are driving and you hit this huge patch of Fog and you cant see ANYTHING I was the other day, it was a snow storm and I couldn't see anything in front of me and all my windows were fogged up so I couldn't see anything behind or beside me either... well since I have arrived in Quebec I have felt like I have been living in a huge cloud of fog every time that I walk out my door. More and more the fog beings to lift but even when I can understand what they are saying I feel like I don't REALLY understand what they are saying and the fog continues. I have no better way to explain to you how french learning have been for me since we have got here but I do have hope that the fog is slowly lifting and the sun will be shining. But will I ever really be able to express myself in french as I do in English or be really able to understand what others are saying to be in a deep heart sort of place... 

Nick read a article the other day and it was about memory and how you can train your self to do things like... memorize the order of a deck of cards in less then a min and a half. Crazy stuff I know, but what was really interesting was that to be able to do this you must never reach what is called the "OK plateau" that is where you get to a point and you say... yeah.. I am Ok here! You must go back below that place fix what you don't have perfect yet and then do your best to continue on from there. Always striving for excellence as if you were doing it for God himself... and well he asks that we would be perfect. Not that we ever will but I think that's the point, you don't ever reach that Ok plateau you never reach the place where you are perfect but you are always going always striving there is always something to work on, something you can do to better yourself or to better the way that you do things. And there will always be a way for me to better my french.. and even my English for that matter... To be honest I paid no attention to English when I was in school. I didn't like it... I I found out a little while ago I am a little dyslectic which might explain that, but I have learned so much about English while learning french its crazy ha ha.

But will I ever reach perfection... no... will my french ever be perfect... no... will I ever be the person I strive to be... no. But that does not mean that I stop. That I reach a place where I go.. yeah I am Ok here. No matter when I am or how lazy I feel... days like today.. where I did not feel I had a purpose, that I didn't have anything meaningful to do. But that is a lie! And I wasted time sitting there thinking that. Is that the last time I think that. Nope. But I pray that Lord will help me to continue in this fog, the fog of french, the fog of becoming perfect. And I pray he would help you to get off that Ok plateau and remember there is always something to be done until we get to sit in glory with our Lord, who is the only one that can make the fog go away.

1 Col 3: 23 Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.

A Hockey tourny put on by one of the local soup kitchens


  1. language learning is SO hard! People see me interact and say "oh your dinka is so good", but really it is incredibly limited - I can make basic points but I could never have a conversation that talks about anything of real importance... keep struggling my friend, and don't be too hard on yourself! One thing I've learned here is that people really appreciate effort (thankfully for me!)p.s. 125 for GAS?! Is that normal now? Craaaaazy

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! We are just trying to learn as much as we can before we leave. Good for you for learning the language on the field though, I would that that would be super hard!

    125 for gas... lol its normal here in Quebec, I think it might be the most expensive in the country.


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