Old Friends and New Ones.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The last couple weeks have been amazingly fun with visits from some amazing old friends and meeting some awesome new ones! My sister came ti visit us here in Quebec City for 6 days! I thought to myself it was longer then anyone else had come to visit so we had lots of time! However the time went by sooooo fast. It was so awesome to have that visit with my sister before we leave to Africa but I do not doubt that before long she will be visiting us there as well. The weekend she came up Quebec City was hosting the Red Bull Crashed Ice event, we did not go on the finals night but we did go on the friday and got to see alot of the placing rounds. It was tons of fun to be able to walk the entire course and watch these guys go down just a mind blowing difficult course and not finish at the end bleeding! My Birthday had just passed before my sister came but I wanted to wait for her to get here and we had a little birthday party for me with some ladies from the church. So Nicole was able to get to know some ladies that have become good friends of mine while we have been here. But while she was here we found out that her boyfriend Jason who has been snowmobiling broke his ankle and  had to be air lifted off the mountain. But other then that we had a amazing time and I think that she enjoyed our time here. The night we were at the red bull event a man behind us in a Australian accent asked us if we knew who was winning... we didnt know to much but we got talking and him and his sister were here for a week on business and he was leaving the next day but she was staying to enjoy the sights so we invited her to come along with us because we were going to be showing Nicole around. So one day we met up with here and felt super blessed to get to know her and meet a awesome new friend!

And then this past weekend a friend of mine from when I lived in Oklahoma, Kayla came to visit for a day. We talked into the wee hours in the morning and had a full day of fun touring around. We got invited to come to a "cabane a sucre" at a friends house with was pretty much breakfast with everything... and I mean everything made with maple syrup!  And Kayla came along with us and enjoyed her first fully french (In food and in language) meal. We then went back across the river on the ferry because we thought it would be a wonderful view... nick had went to the bathroom and came back down and said "Hey I just met some people that seem to do the same thing that you guys did in Oklahoma" So up we went and met up with this awesome group of young people that do school assemblies all across Canada, they said they were gong to be in Quebec City for 4 hours just looking at the sights so we asked if they wanted to come with us, so we had the amazing opportunity to hang out with some talent people with a heart to see this generation live to their highest potential. The Absolute Team website. So we have felt so blessed lately with all of our amazing friends from our past and the new ones that we have been able to make. 


  1. Hey hey, glad to see we made an appearance on your blog! I wish you the best!

    Jacob Seads

  2. You did! You even got a link to your website! We will continue to pray for you and hope you keep in touch.