Famous Potatoes

Monday, May 02, 2011

We have been in Idaho for a week now and it has been an amazing time to reconnect with Old friends and meet some new ones. Jon and Amee Chin and Katie and Aaron Hoffmann are 2 of the couples that were with us when we were in Orientation with us last August. They are still fundraising, they are both about 70-80 percent however they are both expecting babies!!! So after this 2 weeks of orientation they will be staying for about another month while their husbands go though standardization. Jon for mechanics, and Aaron for pilot/mechanic. So they can defiantly use your prayers as they are here not only going over seas to Indonesia, but having a new addition to their family!

We have had some amazing classes over the last couple days, a lot of the topics revolve around culture / culture shock / and how to keep our marriage and family strong through all of the changes we are about to go through (Not that fundraising and learning a language hasn't been quite the changes in it self)
Tomorrow and Tuesday we get to go camping for a marriage seminar! In our little one bedroom apartment in Quebec we haven't  had a porch let alone some grass, so we are sooo excited to go camping and have some good open spaces!
After this next week we will return to Quebec City to finish off our last 2 months of language training. Thats right! Only 2 months! So we appreciate you prayers  as this adventure is just beginning! 

Photos from our time so far in Idaho

Nick sharing with the Class
Aaron at dinner with us
Katie and I

Kids playing!


  1. Looks like Fun! We're looking forward to seeing you guys when we're down there in late July...seems like a long ways away - but will happen soon enough. We hope/pray all goes well down in Nampa City :)

  2. Nick will be going there is Aug but I will not be coming! So you will have to keep him company!