The Count Down has Started

Monday, June 06, 2011

2 Weeks ago we went to Montreal for a Air show and we filmed this for you!!!

Hello From Us! from Jocelyn Frey on Vimeo.

The last couple weeks have been quite full! 2 Weeks ago we went to Montreal for a youth conference with the youth group here in Quebec that we help out with every Friday. It was tons of fun and I really believe that the youth were impacted by the preacher Elijah Waters. He is a youth pastor from Seattle, but probably the best thing was that because we were in Montreal he had to have a translator. And well they were Hilarious together. Whenever the preacher would make some movement the translator would do the the same movement which out missing a beat and the translation was amazing. Also everyone the pastor would say something about Starbucks the translator would change it to Tim Hortons. It was cool for Nick and I because now we are able to understand both the French and English so it was interesting listing the the words in French the translator would would from the English.

The youth pastor asked me to make a video of the pictures that I took from the weekend to give the youth a recap so here it is!

CJYC Recap from Jocelyn Frey on Vimeo.

Our french tutor for the last couple months has been packing up their house because they were moving, so finally last friday we got to help them move to their new house! It has been really exciting for them and fun for us to be able to help them move and set everything up!  

Now this weekend Nick has gone to Ontario to pick up a van for the next missionaries and bring it here to Quebec for when they come in july. So I am holding down the fort here tout seul (all alone) but Its a good time for me to have a couple friends over and I have been quite busy. And I know Nick was very excited to be able to go and spend some time with his family and friends and be able to go to the wedding of Laura Brubacher! (Which im quite sad I dont get to go) But Nick said he would take lots of pics so I will post them later!

And as for the countdown we are planning to leave Canada Sept 23 so that means that it is offically 109 days untill we leave to go to the Congo!