Friday, July 15, 2011

This should be a quick blog post I am currently skipping out on a run to the park with the Barbers and Nick to catch up on some photo editing and e-mails. Today make its officially 70 days until we leave for Congo... EEEEEEEEEEEEE... ok sorry just a little bit of a freak out there... But just until this time there we have been finishing up our tutors basement packing out totes for Africa which both take lots of different stages.
Doing the basement started off with a empty basement with nothing but drywall on the walls and I started packing for Africa with a sort of ambiguous list and instructions that said bring whatever will make you feel like home... So were to start.
Well nick constructed a few walls covering up the large wholes in the floor where a bathroom could have gone but now there is just a closet and I started sorting through the list trying to figure out what things I believed that I really needed and what things I would be able to do with out. Then it was my expertise to mud and tape the walls, I got to teach Suzanne how to do that and she was very excited to learn and felt very accomplished to be able to help finish the basement, and Nick searched for just the right totes to put all of our stuff in.

They had to be JUST strong enough to make to to Congo and JUST cheap enough so we didn't have to spend a fortune. Then it was painting time which Nick and I left that to Suzanne and Jaques which they did quite a good job, while we went shopping! (The lady at shoppers drug mart asked us if we were starting our own pharmacy) Then for the suspended ceiling!  We had some friends Chole and Benjamin come and help us with that and it went by quite quickly. And finally was the packing of the totes and the finishing of the floor! What a adventure putting everything in each tote; but you have to spread everything out so that JUST in case on gets stolen or lost you didn't have say all your kitchen things in one tote. So putting in all in there and writing what is in each box and ooOoOOoOOoOO will it alll fit!!!
Then putting the floor in, each piece put in just the right place, cause you cant have any cracks and be careful cause if you hit it tooo hard you move to WHOLE floor! But we finished... We got the basement finished (minus the trim) and our totes packed and shipped in Ontairo (minus 2 that we are using for camping)... woooo Im tired. But just to help the next missionaries get settled in and knowing everyone, they have 4 children, it was hard for us I can only imagine how hard it will be for them. But they are in good spirits and could use your prayers. Then camping, family, fly, wedding, fly, training, take pics for a wedding, fly, set up online schooling, family, fly, training, family, fly, pick up our stuff, fly, fly, fly... Congo.

Always lots of stages, no matter what we do.


  1. The rubix cube in that last picture made my day.

  2. Nick and Jocelyn if you guys are in toronto would love to meet up email me at if your in the area and want to grab a bite to eat.

  3. so excited for you guys! all the best as you make the leap to your new home!

  4. It's great to see Nick down here in Nampa! Hope all goes well back in Que-anada!

  5. haha! Im jealous that you get to have my husband for the month! Take care of him for me! I hope you guys have a awesome time! Miss you!

  6. I also noticed the Rubik's Cube in that picture :)