Update from Nick

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Jocelyn's Sister and Mom missing Nick at Supper

Hey, Salut (français en bas)

Hope you're doing well as August rushes to an end.  It's seemed like a rush for us as we have been from Québec to Wisconsin to Ontario to Idaho and Alberta!  We're trying to hold on and take one day at a time as we continue to prepare for our arrival into Kinshasa, DR Congo in under 30days!!

We left Ontario and Jocelyn and I parted ways as I went to Idaho to commence MAF US flight standardization and Jocelyn helped out at Kayla and Tyler's wedding in Maine.  As my ground school started, Jocelyn made it to Grande Prairie to visit her parents and then their whole family had a camping trip in Jasper, AB.  It was a special trip for Jocelyn's sister Nicole who got engaged to her longtime boyfriend Jason!!!!  We had a similar time spent with my family in Wasaga Beach, ON before departing.  We love our families very much and try to appreciate everyday we have with them :) Thanks to technology we can keep in touch with them as we travel!

Hike in Jasper
As my flight training progressed, Jocelyn did a little training course of her own in standard first aid while in Edmonton.  She also set up her distance education with Athabasca University and is pretty well set to begin her 4year degree in psychology.  Our days have been full, but we still find time to chat with each other daily and we're looking forward to being reunited this weekend as my training finishes up by the end of next week!!

And just like that we are here before we know it!  September is around the corner and Kinshasa awaits us.  Thank you sooo much for all your help, support, laughter, tears, and love during our journey thus far.  We pray our journey has only just begun ;)

Flying in the Mountains in Idaho

On s'en va
C'est presque impossible de réaliser que nous serons à Kinshasa, RDC bientôt.  Moins de 30 jours, Dieu voulant!!  Ces dernières quelques semaines ont été très occupé.  Nous étions en Ontario pour rendre visit à ma famille, puis Jocelyn est allée en Maine pour un mariage d'un ami lorsque je suis allé en Idaho pour une formation de pilotage avec MAF.  Jocelyn est maintenant en Alberta pour rendre visit à sa famille et pour préparer ses cours de psychologue (lequel elle va faire pendant notre séjour de 3.5 ans au Congo).
Nick doing a check of the plane

On continue
Jocelyn est supposé d'arriver ici cette fin de semaine pour passer du temps avec moi pendant que je termine mon entraînement.  On continue à s'appuyer sur Dieu pour sa direction.  On continue à remercier Dieu pour vous, dans nos prières!  On continue, bien sûr, à parler français :)  Je sais que l'on fait des erreurs mais j'espère que vous nous comprenez.  Nous avons hâte d'apprendre l'accent congolais ainse que leur culture.  On continue un jour à la fois, par la foi.