Windmills and Weddings

Thursday, September 08, 2011

So I think I have made it to a little over a month ago when we got back from Oshkosh (Haha its taking me a little longer to catch up then anticipated!) We got to spend a much needed time with Nicks family, visiting, eating looking at pictures and talking about the future.

It was a good time to visit with everyone! We even got to go to the beach! For 2 days we went out to the annual Frey family vacation spot at Wasaga beach.


Nick was also a groomsmen in Joel and Ashley's wedding, which took up a good chunk of our week in Ontario, but it was worth it!  All of the guys had an awesome time hanging out, as it had been a while since they had a chance to do so, I believe that they were all refreshed and encouraged from their times together. And the wedding was just a blast! 

After our time in Ontario, I got to spend a week with my roomie Kayla St. Cyr as she was getting married!  I got the privilege of taking pictures for her wedding, I love going to Maine mostly because I love Kayla's family, whenever I get there I feel so much a part of the family it is a home away from home. So I helped out a couple days before the wedding, just running around, picking up stuff, (I even got to pick up the dress with Kayla :-) then lots of decorating and then rehearsal. It was a quick trip but I am so glad that I was able to go and spend some good time with her, and she was a BEAUTIFUL bride! 

 Now for a small aside... ^_^ 

I found out as we were driving back from the beach that Charity (Nicks sister) LOVES windmills! I think they are quite pretty, but even better was to see her excitement as we drove along about 20km of windmills! Now, I believe there is a old quote that says that "One persons trash is another persons treasure", I say this because I have heard lots of people that really just do not like windmills, they say they are ugly and noisy. But as we were driving with Charity, you didn't hear any of those things, only words of admiration and excitement. 
 This is quite interesting to me, as we are going to the Congo, and we have met people that do not have a good opinion of the DRC and others that are overly ecstatic that we get to go and visit this beautiful country. Yes it has it's issues, as I'm sure windmills do also. So I wonder what has impacted peoples lives to much to hate these things or what other people have decided to look past to see the beauty that lies within.  
 I believe that the Congo is going to be a hard place, but in my prayers over the last couple months there have been a couple things that I keep asking the Lord. One, is to be able to always keep my joy. And the second I believe is inseparable, is that the Lord would give me the eyes to see the Congo and the Congolese people as he see's them and as he see's me.  Because I believe the essence of the Gospel is that, we humans are not the best looking people, sometimes inside as well as out, but God looks past all of our garbage and all of the ways that we have hurt him and he LOVES, Oh how he loves, He loves us. So I want to love the Congo, as Charity loves windmills, and how God loves me. 


  1. The thing about windmills is that you don't really want them in your backyard. I too think there kinda cool to look at. But when the price of your house drops by upwards of 30% when there's any speculation of windmills being put up in the area, then you start disliking them.

  2. i totally hear you on the differing opinions of the place one will/does live. we have these canadian neighbours here who seem to hate everything about this country and they count down the days until they can leave. after 5 years living here i'm rather offended that they dislike this country so much. of course it's different than what i'm used to and some things drive me bananas!!!!, but i thank God that He has given me the love for this country and the grace to be able to live here and be so content. culture shock does strange things to people's perception of things though, so perhaps that's one of the things that causes some people to react negatively and some to plug through the tough parts and see the beauty beyond.

    jocelyn r. plett