Things I never thought when I was 5

Thursday, October 13, 2011

That I would be sooo excited when the electricity finally came on and have a little cheer to myself even if there was no one to hear it. 

That I would not be able to use tap water to rinse my tooth brush (which I forget on those very tired mornings and does not end up well)

That I would get stalked and attempted picked pocketed 3 times. They finally got something on the third time. 

That some politician would try to butter Nick up and give him 5$. Thats a big 'tip' around here.

That I would wake up in the middle of the night soooo hot cause the power was off and want to lie on the tile floor cause its cooler.

Try to cook thanksgiving dinner for 20 people with no power!  Thank the Lord for neighbours with working generators. 

Hear a generator going out side and wish to myself that it was my generator that was running. 

That flashing your brights actually means that you have to let that person go in front of you and honking is more just a way of letting others know that you are behind them.

That I would drink powered milk and think to myself 'hmm this isnt to bad'

That I would not be aloud to take pictures with out having to pay a police officer, and most time just not be able to take them.

Be pulled over by the police because I am white and tell me that I have to give them 130$ or else they wont give me my papers back.

That groceries shopping is really a 10 store couple day affair.

That chocolate chips would cost 8$ for a small bag.

That people want to come to my house and sell me veggies and do what every week or so. 

That I would have a chauffeur to drive me around  (because its soooooo crazy) 

That I have to stock up a couple weeks of food justttt incase we have to stay in our houses during elections. 

That I would be able to do a Congo line, with Congelese people , in the Congo! 

Be given a coke at the end of a church service because we were the only white people there.

That I would find some of the most wonderful people in the world in the DR Congo! 

I am sorry that I haven't written more but This is Africa. So out internet has been quite slow and I wanted to be able to show everyone what we have been able to see and experience. Our last 3 weeks have been alot of orientation, learning what it is like to live and to work here. We live in a 2 bedroom apartment above a store that isnt a store just quite yet. There are only 2 apartments and our program director lives in the other apartment. Most of the other MAF families live with in walking distance, with one family just 2 doors down. We got to go around and have suppers with all the families before we figured out how to buy our own food. (which I have been slowly getting down) Then we went shopping with a bunch of ladies and they wanted to show we all the options! Oh wow!  There are lots of food items that are about the same price as it is in canada, and then there are some things that are wayyy more expensive, I dont think I have found anything cheaper then at home, other then cellphones. Phones are cheap, minutes are cheap.
The whole team is so amazing! We feel so luckly with the team that God has placed us in, I feel that we have some God given talents that we will be really able to plug in to the team and be of good use to MAF.
We got to go to a Congolese church in Lingala it was a very awesome experience! So other then that we are loving our time here so far!  We feel so blessed for all of the opperunities that the Lord has given us. We are trying to get some better internet situation so that I will be able to more easily post pictures for all to see! 
Thank you again for all of your prayers and support! We appreciate you e-mail and your encouragements all the time! We are praying for you all and hope you come to visit ;-)


  1. I hope it's okay, but I'm going to share this on my FB... :) Sounds like fun, in a challenging way!