The Pink Throne!

Friday, November 11, 2011

So I have gotten many questions about why exactly we have a duck taped toilet. And well it's not a super exciting story but it has become  the best feature of our new apartment! 
When we got here and got used to all of our different areas of of place and as we continued to use the toilet one day I was doing my business and I heard a little bit of a crack, then the next day Nick came out and mentioned that he thinks that he had broke the toilet, until told him that I thought has already broke it. haha So at that point it had broken only once on the left side, then I believe that it was Nick that broke the other side so the entire front was broken off. But for comfort sake we left it there to sort of hold while you sat down. Then at some point I'm not to sure when the front piece also snapped in 2. So then our toilet seat was pretty much unusable. 
So then Nick went in one day stating that he was going to Red Green our toilet seat. With the classic silver tape he did quite the good job but it still sorta bent a bit and pinched a little bit lol. Then we had a wonderful friend here that had some awesome pink duct tape. So then it was my turn! 
I taped it up nice and good! 
We were really just going to buy a new one but now with the improvements we haven't quite had the heart to get rid of it!
Our favorite comment so far was when of one of the Youth boys went to the bathroom, and same out wondering which war our toilet seat had been a part of! 
So there you have it! Our pink throne!