Baby bump!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

So I believe that it is time for a update on Ninja! (Which is the baby growing inside of me) I am currently 17 weeks pregnant and due June 30th! I found out about a month after I got pregnant but wanted to wait to announce it to the world until I had the chance to go to the doctor which because of elections here in Congo we did not get to go until right after Christmas.

13 weeks
Ninja is doing well, I didn't have too much morning sickness, I did have some evening sickness randomly but nothing really too terrible. All the things I read say that this is the point where I will be getting bigger much faster so maybe I will look really pregnant one of these days. 
We are going to a Dr Bila, and she is a SUPER nice lady. She lived and went to school in Belgium for 16 years but is Congolese. She is also pregnant and going back to Belgium to have her baby.
We will not be have our baby her in the Congo. Nick was hoping that we could for some reason make it work then we wouldn't have to leave but our Doctor and many other people have said that its Okay to have a baby here as long as everything goes perfect, but if anything doesn't go perfect then there really isn't any medical services for the baby or I. 

17 weeks

We have several different options on the go at the moment, but nothing has been decided for sure but I think for ease sake we might be looking more toward South Africa. But I donnnno maybe somewhere in Europe, Olympics are going on you know :-P


But other then that I have another appointment next week sometime where I think we will get to hear its little heart beat which should be fun! Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any suggestions about where the little one should makes it's first debut!



  1. Come visit us in okc sometime before the baby is 2 lol I love you! You look amazingly beautiful as always! I love how set this blog ; )

    1. The okc comment was from Anna Phillips

  2. Congratulations Jocelyn & Nick!! What wonderful news!! As for birth places, you're probably going the think that since my family is from South Africa, you may think I would suggest there....I would have until I found out how difficult it is to travel with a SA passport...visas required for almost all travel which take a long time....if you could switch the passport easily, then I would say go for it. Just thought I'd give you my two cents!!! Lots of happy, safe, fun thoughts coming your way!! xojodi (and bruce :-) )