Does Congo have Christmas too?!?!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Christmas! Without snow, and tons for family events or traveling for hours and hours to see everyone! I did not think that I was going to make it! This was officially my first year of not seeing my family for some sort of family event, most of the ladies that I talked to said that their first Christmas on the Mission Field was the most difficult. I had thought that I had mostly got myself to a point in my life were I was totally Okay with being uncomfortable and that I didn't have toooo many traditions that I relied on, but OH was I wrong. I realized how much I LOVE and appreciate Christmas with my family, they are so much fun and anyone is welcome, friends, family, extended family, extended extended family. So as Christmas approached how was I supposed to duplicate the fun and amazing times that I have had with all my family over the years; then I figured out, I cant.
There is no way to replace the wonderful times and the family that I have, but what I can start to do is learn from their love and care and try to make some of my own traditions that I love just as much but do not replace the wonderful experiences that I have had. 
So we decided that a now traditional Christmas dinner includes BBQ'd steak and no turkey! And Christmas morning we have Crepes! We also got our kitty a Chrismas present which was soooo funny.

So that is all of the new Christmas traditions that we implemented into our lives this year but as we grow as a couple and a family I hope that we can emanate the love and care that I grew up with our family's and use that to love on other people around the world! 

But other then that we were able to do many fun things during the Christmas season! We were able to host a Youth Christmas party which was tons of fun! I have never worked with such an amazing group of Kids. We even found a dead Rat..... :-S hahaha it was gross. 

I also got to go to the TASOK (The American School Of Kinshasa)'s Christmas assembly which one of our MAF coworkers is the music teacher and she did a awesome job of putting to together last minute because there were lots of canceled school days because of elections. 

Every year MAF does a outreach in the hanger at the Airport for all of the officials and workers there. We had some songs sung, people to pray and a message shared. we gave out about 200 bibles and coke and bread to everyone. 

Christmas eve we went to some WONDERFUL Canadian friends and had a awesome turkey dinner which I made perogies for and they were a hit! They are probably one of the most time consuming things to make but they are sooooo worth it!
Then we spend Christmas day at our place calling our families, we even woke up at 6am to call my family on their Christmas eve!
So over all it was a awesome Christmas season even though I love and miss both of our families and there is nothing that will ever replace them.

I hope that everyone also had a wonderful Christmas season no matter where you were or who you are with!