Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Wonderful Wife

Jocelyn loves cooking.  She really does lose herself amidst the recipe, flour, oven, music, and kitchen accessories.  I love seeing her happy in whatever she is doing and just knowing that something brings her joy warms my very soul.

She can become entranced while taking a photograph.  Like nothing else in the world exists except her specimen and the eventual amazing snapshot of it.

Knowing that God brought us together through a series of rather interesting events, solidifies the fact that she is indeed a gift from above.

I will love her the rest of my life.  Even when I clean up after her ‘explosion’ in the kitchen or listen to her rants.  For I love her warts, her beauty, her mistakes, her wisdom, her misunderstandings, her faith and all.


  1. This made me "awww" out loud! :)

  2. You two are a good make us smile and celebrate the love and life you both pour out so freely. We love you and pray for you often. D&R