Why Canada!?

Thursday, February 02, 2012

So I always read lots of different peoples blogs, and they post their decisions about why they are doing things and what happened, and me the curious person that I am says to  myself... "Well why did you decide that!?" Not that its usually bad things, I just like to know... well... why.

And many of you are probably wondering that now. "Why have you decided to go back to Canada to have Ninja other then stay in Africa like you said you were going to?"

Well that is a very good question and I will try my best to answer it for you.

We had thought that we would probably have children during the time that we are here in Africa, and before we left I thought to myself that it would be much easier and cheaper if we just stay in Africa to have the third addition to our family. So that was what we were going to do, we were looking at South Africa and Kenya or even Belgium and felt very confident in all 3 of these places, they all have excellent medical care and I was not worried at all that I would not receive adequate care. So off I went looking into the different places, and I thought to myself if I am going to one of these awesome places I want to be able to go around and see stuff. (because I must fly about a month and a half before the due date) So I just didn't want to sit around and do nothing, then I came to the full realization that Nick would only be able to come 2 weeks before I'm due so where ever I went I would be hanging out by myself or with other people friends for a month! Even if I am in a cool place its not very fun if I don't get to go and see it with someone else!

(Nick during this time was silently hoping that we could just stay in Kinshasa,  so that we wouldn't have to travel and just have our baby here, until our Doctor that did all of her schooling said she was also going out of country to have her baby, then he thought maybe it was a good idea)

Its always funner with someone else. *sigh* Also then I would have to pay for a place to stay for about 2 1/2 months, owwwwweee even if I stayed in a hostel of some sort it would incur quite the cost. Then of course paying for food and hospital bills. So I was at a loss, what shall I do, I said to myself. I wanted this to be a fun relaxing time to enjoy having our first child. But none of these options felt right, no matter how glamorous.

Then was the moment where God gave me a big kick in the butt and said "Hey, what about the option that you said that you would never do... stop being so selfish" Pfffft me selfish... ok maybe sometimes. But the hassle of going ALL the way back to Canada to... hang out with my family, spend some time with friends, be able to show off our new born child... maybe go to Jasper... wait a minute... This actually sounds like lots of fun! (God always knows best doesn't he.) So God had the last word as he usually does, he knew all the prayers being prayed, and how much it would mean to our families to meet their first grandchild, how much fun and enjoyable it would be for us, and really... it ends up being cheaper. (Well maybe not after I bring back a bunch of good ol' Ontario maple syrup for all of my co-workers :-P) 

So we are not coming back because we were worried about citizenship, or healthcare, lions eating our child or because I wouldn't be able to handle giving birth in a different country. But because God said so, he knew just how important it is for a family to experience the first grand child being born and how I would appreciate their love and support, of who no one else can replace.

As to where we are going, what we are doing or how you can help if you wish. That will have to wait for next time. We will be finding out in 19 days if Ninja will have a pink lil touque or a blue one.

Until then! Thank you for all your prayers, and those who prayed we would come back to Canada, whatever your reasons, or those just praying we would do what was right for us; God heard and answered.



  1. Congrats Joc! I am excited for you to come home to have your baby, as in Canada :)And if you've ever thought about having one, I am a a Doula, and would love to serve you.
    Many blessings

  2. also, Canada needs more ninjas.