Morning Blessings

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

God gives us many blessings. This is what mine looked like this morning... Now this seems like just a collection of regular things, but living here in the Congo this picture represents many many things and even though in other parts of the world this may seem like a regular morning experience, today God blessed me with them. 

1. Cereal; cereal here is very expensive and I usually make granola, but it gets a little tiring after a while but the other day I was able to find real Rice Krispies on sale! So instead of 15$ a box they were only 6$... mmmm and they taste soooo good.

2. A cup of Earl Grey tea. I love tea, and I am running out of my Earl Grey but I still have some left so this morning I made my self a pot. Its beautiful.

3. My cat. Serenity, she's crazy, bites my feet, and refuses to poop in the toilet (yes the potty training is still going on lol) but she loves me and cuddles with me while I do my homework. She is what brings a little bit of normal to days here that are just too crazy to handle. At least she's a crazy that I understand.

4. By the fact my computer being on means we have power, and AC... Nick was asking the other day what life would be like if we had power and water all the time... I would get more stuff done, but maybe less reading. However on these hot Africa days, AC is my best friend.

5. The song that you can't see, but I hear as I am typing. Amazing Grace. Oh it saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I'm found, was blind but now I see.

Hope Lives Here! 

I pray that God blesses you this morning with the normal and the extravagant. His grace is so amazing to give me all of these things, hope lives in him. 

Be Blessed. Feel Loved. You are not Alone.