Prep, Travel and Ninjette

Monday, March 19, 2012

So I know that we just send our newsletter out, but I just wanted to let everyone know how we are doing and what has been going on in our lives. 

We have almost officially reached out 6 month mark of being here in Kinshasa, and the crazy thing is that I am thinking and preparing for my trip home! It seems like we've just got here to be able to plan a trip home but I think that both of our families are very excited to have us around for a little while. 

I will be leaving Kinshasa to head back to Canada on May 9th (I know long a month and a half away!)  and Nick will be joining me June 15th And will probably be staying there and traveling back to Africa together beginning of August sometime. Even though we would LOVE to be able to see everyone while we are home, the purpose of this trip is to officially prepare for, have, and get used to having a little baby Ninja girl. We will be visiting our family to show her off however will not be able to do church visits or anything. (I think I will be too tired :-P) We would like to prepare ourselves in the best possible way to be good parents and good parents in Africa, so we have lots to think about and prepare for.
Serenity wants to say Hi too!

The month that Nick and I will be apart I believe that he is going to stay with a friend of ours (he is a single guy) and will bachelor it out together until Nick also joins me in Canada. I am having to leave the first week in May because of Airline regulations about pregnant ladies flying so I will be flying back home during my 33rd week and MAF is very generous and understanding in the time that Nick is able to get off to spend time with me and Ninja. He gets 2 weeks of parental leave + travel time + paper work time. So he will show up 2 weeks before I am due (justtt in case Ninja comes for a early appearance) and once all of the paperwork for baby is done then we will head back.
She quite enjoys the new baby room

So as of right now that is the plan, but just incase you were wondering... we are SOOOOO excited to be parents :-D The first couple months of being pregnant were kinda lame, I didn't really feel pregnant I didn't have any morning sickness, my belly wasn't getting bigger if anything I was loosing weight from getting used to Congo food and we were unable to go to the doctor because of election stuff. So probably when I was 4 months prego and in a little bit of denial I started to set up little Ninja's wall and had this idea of painting this WONDERFUL tree on the wall.. I have almost just finished now, it was really great to be able to work on a little project and think and pray for the new lil frey on the way.
Tree started, just pencil

In the midst of all this I have switched online universities because the one I was going to before was not very convenient to living in Africa, so I am just finishing my first course with Grand Canyon University which has been lots of fun! Nick is almost done with his 'first 6 month' restrictions of flying here and is loving meeting lots of new people and going new places. We have also been busy with the group of international (English) youth that we got involved with.

Almost finished in black paint
So needless to say we are very excited for what God is doing in us and in our little family. I look forward to seeing some of you when I get home and maybe if you are in the area even coming to my baby shower (still working that one out ;-)  


  1. Can't wait to have you home sunshine (If only for a short while)