Zongo Falls

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Last weekend Nick and I got the chance to head for one last weekend away at Zongo Falls! It is about 150km away from Kinshasa.. but takes about 3-4 hours to get there depending on the weather. It was dry on the way in bit the clay is very hard and quite bumpy which makes for a slow ride.

The Beautiful pool! It was nice and cool!

Cool Red dragon fly

You can sit and eat right beside the river!  Its beauitufl.

You can see the spray from the falls in the background

Places to sit and eat as well.

These flowers are so cool :-)

No Swimming or walking on the Rocks!!

Checkers, the board game of choice here in Congo.

lil plants that look like pineapples but they are not.

Our little cabin with the shoes drying off

This tree was still alive and growing!!

The cabins we stayed in, there was about 4 different kinds you could
stay in but I just realized I forgot to take pics of them :-P

The falls!

hiking to the falls

Standing in the Spray

At Dinner! Arnt we cute ;-)


Where kinshasa gets power from...

The drive back home was MUCH muddier

Our very manly car after the drive on the mud roads. Nick is a awesome driver! I dont think I could have made it back.


  1. Man, we're getting SOOO excited to go! Can't wait to see some of what you show us in your blog!

    Safe travels home,

  2. Great post guys! Looks like good wholesome African fun!