Across The Seas

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Can you believe that I have been back in Canada for almost 5 weeks now! Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been doing lots, but its hard to take pictures when you are the one doing the visiting! 

But just for a little bit of a update of what Nick and I have been up to on other sides of the world.

Nick has been keeping himself quite busy as I have been gone, they have been working long and hard on a bit internet switch over as they build a new antenna after a storm knocked down the old one and has been flying quite a bit as well. He is actually flying everyday this week until he leaves to come back to Canada. Which makes the IT guys quite sad because they really enjoy having him around. 

He has been back a forth a little bit between our apartment and our friends place that he was staying at and taking care of our first child... Serenity :-) 

 A wonderful MAF family who will be staying at our house while we are away because theirs is in need of some repairs will be looking after her for us! I am excited and relieved to know that she will be in good hands. 
Nick practicing using our crib with another child...
She doesnt seem to like it very much :-P
TASOK (The American School of Kinshasa) had their graduation also, as we have been helping out alot with the youth group we knew alot of the kids graduating so Nick was able to attend that, we will miss all the kids that are heading on to college but are excited to keep in touch with them through their lives.

The rest of the MAF team in the Congo (All 3 Bases, Kinshasa, Bunia and Lubumbashi) will be heading to Kenya at the end of the Month for a family conference! It is the first family conference with all of the bases in a long time! I am very excited for them and wish that we could be going along as well... but alas We must stick around and have a baby ;-)

 I have been hanging out in Edmonton with my sister doing lots of resting, meeting with my midwife and reading. We went to Grande Prairie last weekend and my mom and dad were very happy to have their girls back with them.
These are my parents Duretta and Mike. Arnt they awesome!
Taken by Nicole Bradfield

Taken by Nicole Bradfield
Now I patiently wait for Nick to arrive in 3 days and I think that he is also looking forward to getting here, to have a little bit of a break after his busy 5 weeks on his own. He will be leaving Kinshasa Friday and arriving in Alberta Saturday evening. Be praying for him as he travels and for no delays... I think 5 weeks of being apart has been long enough! 

I have 18 more days to go till my due date, we are hoping to not go much beyond that but are also realistic in that it is not only possible but very probable; however we are still hoping that Ninja comes to join us on time... if not a little early ;-)
Mom, Sister and Zoey

Until next time... Peace!