Ruth Adorah Frey

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Costco Hotdog! haha
Has it really been 5 weeks since my last post... man... sorry about that! 
However it has been a very exciting month! a month ago Nick was finally able to join me here in Canada! It was so nice to be able to have him here with me (lets be honest, life is just more fun with Nick around :-), as soon as he got here, he had a wonderful anniversary surprise  for me and took me out to one of his friends cabin where we were able to just hang out together for a couple days.
Going jet skiiing on Canada day
July 1st... just a day before labor started.
As soon as we got back into Edmonton Nick had the opportunity to meet our amazing midwife, Cathy Harness. Just in-case I haven't told you it really was a miracle from the Lord that we were 1- able to even get a midwife and 2- that we were able to get Cathy as a midwife, she is an amazing God fearing women and we were soo blessed to be able to be under her care and with loving and prayerful hands she cared for us and brought our lil Rue into the world. 
How to induce labor!?!
There are only about 50 some midwives in all of Alberta and most people have a tough time getting a midwife even if they call right when they get pregnant and I called when I was about 5 months pregnant and Cathy had room to fit us in!  God is so good to us. 
Reminder of Gods promices

 So then Nick also had the opportunity to meet our Doula, Mitzi and we went to a couple different courses such as 'Hands on Care', learning about the labor process and then also a breast feeding and baby wearing course. It was so awesome to share these things with Nick and make it really feel like truly this baby was coming along.

It was defiantly quite nerve wracking and the 'due' date was coming closer and closer thinking about labor and what I was going to have to do to get this baby out into the world however God really comforted me in this time reminding me that he is always there for me and that it is not a bad things to be a little scared but to know and trust that he will get us through! 
So Nick and I had 2 weeks of just us, we were able to visit some friends, go for lots of walks and just catch up before the baby came.
So then Canada Day, just 2 days before Ruths birthday we went to the Lake with some of our friends to visit and hang out as well we were just doing lots of waiting at the time, it was past my due date but you know that babies can come along whenever they want to. So we went out to the lake, Nick went jet-skiiing and after sitting on the boat for a while Nick even took me out on the sea-doo.

We had a fire, ate dinner and then went out on the lake to watch the Canada day fireworks.  It was tons of fun to sit on the lake with some awesome friends and just watch the fireworks. 
Right after they ended a storm moved in quickly and we had to park the boat at a friends cottage and we got a ride back, by this point I am sooooo tired, so we head back to Edmonton to have a good nights sleep, little did we know it would only be 24 hours till we got into active labor. However we had already planned to take our friends out to the drop zone where Nick and I had met so that they could go skydiving. 
It was a fun afternoon visiting with our friends and seeing some people go for their first skydive, I always like to see peoples faces after they get back on the ground. It really is an experience like no other. 

So we headed home about 2pm and as we were driving home I was sitting in the car and was getting the impression that labor was starting. 
However there was no need to start a panic so I didn't say anything until about 6pm that evening when I informed Nick and my sister Nicole that I thought I was in labor. We watched a show and I was told to get to bed to try and get some rest while I could...

Well at 11pm I lied down to go to sleep and as soon as I did that BAM! Those contractions came in full force! I was still able to handle it, so I let Nick sleep until about 2:30am when I decided that I needed his help, at that point my contractions were about 45 seconds long and 2-3 min apart... apparently I was coming along rather quickly. 
So we called our Doula, our Midwife and woke up my sister. Soon there was a house full of amazing women. We were planning on going to the birthing centre that is about 40 min away, however it took Cathy our midwife a little while to get to my sisters house and we are not able to arrive at the birthing centre without her; and by the time she got there I already felt like I needed to start pushing so we decided that we had everything we needed just to have the baby at home so thats what we would do (And I really did not want to get into a car at this point!)
So at 6:15 am on July the 3rd lil Ruth Adorah Frey was born in my sisters house here in Sherwood park. It was so awesome to be able to have her here at home with a group of amazing women and my husband to support me. 

Ruth is now 17 days old and she has been doing wonderfully, she is so smart and strong, other then she likes to grab ahold of her lil face! But she is beautiful and we love her so much and it has been tons of fun to get to know her and look forward to seeing the person that God is molding her to be.

Ruth Adorah Frey

Welcome to the Family!


  1. You have some beautiful photography; love the clarity and colors. I so enjoyed the detailed blog, catching up with what is going on with you, your family and Congo. Thanks!