Africian Rains

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wow what an amazing last 6 weeks. Since I have been back in Canada I have lived in 5 different places, being pregnant and having a newborn baby that makes life a little bit different. Usually when you first have a baby you hang out and rest for a while develop a routine, get to know your baby but for us it doesnt look like that is going to happen until Roo is almost 2 months old! 
Ever since she was born it has been almost non-stop traveling and visiting, but when you are leaving the country everyone wants to come and see you.
It has been awesome to be able to visiting with all of our family and friends and I know for many it is a bitter sweet visit knowing that we will be leaving soon. 
Regardless I am so glad that Roo has had the opportunity for everyone to meet her. We feel so lucky about everything that has happened over the last 10 months, her entire journey into this world. I know that many women have a difficult time during their pregnancy, labor and first 3 months of their babys life. It does not mean that our next child will also give us an easy time, but as busy as we have been if she would be a more difficult baby we would have had a hard time getting through the last 6 weeks.
Having a gypsy life requires having a gypsy baby... 
You must learn to be able to nurse everywhere, which can be very difficult is your baby hasnt slept all day because she keeps getting woken up because people want to hold her. (Not that we mind that people hold her we just didn't realize her boundaries until later.)
Your baby must learn to sleep in loud places such as restaurants / baby showers / open houses.
She must be able to be passed around from person to person several times a day.
Napping... well some days you realize you missed your nap, and shes grumpy and doesn't want to nurse well so its going to be a rough evening...
Her bed is always in a different place, most of the time so everyone can get some sleep, she just sleeps with us. 
She must also be a good flyer, so far because she is so cute we get extra special treatment and she didn't cry at all.

5 Days old!
So far my lil gypsy baby is doing a fantastic job, but we are both so excited to head home and finally have a little bit of a schedule. I cant believe that only 6 weeks ago this little girl was not in my life. Even though having kids is a recipe for stress, sleepless night and probably a bit of gray hair we are very excited for this next part of our journey and to be able to raise our children with love and in the way of the Lord.
We are heading back to Kinshasa next Monday, we are doing everything we can to be prepared for our way back and hoping that we have remembered everything that we wanted to buy before we head back. 
So next time you hear from us we should be settled back in Africa, waiting for our beautiful African rains as dry season ends and the rainy season begins again.


  1. We can TOTALLY identify with having a baby that gets passed around multiple times a day, the bittersweetness of knowing that we are leaving soon, having her nurse just about anywhere, sleep anywhere, and having just a crazy schedule! So nice to hear that we aren't the only ones. Praying for your journey back to Kinshasa! Thanks for posting this!

  2. Exciting times. It sounds like you are adapting to family life super well and little Roo doesn't know any different, she is just a flexible one. Fantastic. Happy parents make happy babies :) You are in our thoughts and prayers. Blessings.