Smiles all around!

Friday, August 31, 2012

On the plane!
We have been back in Kinshasa for about a week and a half, and in 3 days Ruth will be 2 months old!! Wow! Things are always changing and we are always learning new things, its quite tiring but worth it.
Our flight to Congo went really well, Ruth slept for most of the time. I think the sound of the airplane engines put her right to sleep. Thank you so much to everyone that gave us gifts for Ruth and for us, we feel like that so far we have everything that we need to provide and take care of our daughter! 

Its been so awesome since I have been back in Congo to be able to go around with a  new baby because family and children are held in such high regard in this culture. Going to church and other places I have had many people that never talked to me before or acknowledged me talk to me and were excited I had a baby!

I realized that before I had a child I was an anomaly to them, I just didnt make sense... I was married but I didnt have any children... WhATTT!?  I know crazy right! 
Just in case you were wondering... Serenity is doing just fine

But now I have a child I am 'Momma Jocelyn' and I get much more respect then I did before as a young women without a child! 
But anyways, the first week has been good, we hung out and unpacked for the first little while and now Nick is back off to work and today on a flight to Vanga. We are doing a big internet switchover where we are moving our VSAT to a different location so we will be without internet for a little while; and Nick being the new IT guy will be quite busy over the next little while getting that all set up! 
Baking a cake :-)


Hopefully after that he will be able rest for a little while as we settle back into 'normal' life here in Kinshasa. 
I would write more but I have a baby crying wanting to eat, so looks like I had better get going! 

Miss and Love you all!!