What MAF does when they are not flying

Friday, September 14, 2012

We've talked quite a bit over the last little while about the fact that Nick has gotten involved in our IT work here in Kinshasa. Many of you asked us the question what is IT and how does it fit into MAF... Well let me just fill you in to the best of my ability. 
IT is short of Internet Technologies; MAF's goal as an organization is to use technology as a means of helping to spiritually and physically transform people. We use the technology of the airplane to transport people here in Congo where the roads mostly look like this...

So yeah we get the airplane... so the internet... Well as many of your know, most of the world runs on the internet. Most or all North Americans use the internet in a vital part of their everyday life. So we have a VSAT, satellite dish here in Kinshasa that provides our MAF team and about 40 other clients with internet. It helps us to stay connected with all of you and we are able to help be an affordable alternative to those in Congo that are also needing to stay connected by the internet. 

Nick one day flew up into Northern Congo where there is a mission base and were MAF had just put in a VSAT and was able to have internet! This type of communication helps people stay in contact with their organization, supporters and when needs arise they are able to communicate them quickly; when your in the middle of the jungle with no access to basic items that can be very helpful.

So because there is not a worldwide WIFI service where you can get internet everywhere you go quite yet, we believe that just as much as flying airplanes is a ministry so is IT work, we are using technology to help those in the Congo be more effective in their work here.

After the earthquake in Haiti several years ago, because of MAF having a focus in IT; we were able to set up 'internet cafe' for all of the other aid organizations to be able to utilize the internet where because of the earthquake there was no access to the internet. 

So we see how important it is around the world and here in the Congo. Even though Nick before we came here had no IT experience, he saw that there was a need and he stepped in and has been helping out doing IT work whenever he isn't flying (now I would say he is doing more IT work then flying).

So about 2 weeks ago, we had to move our VSAT to a different location, this required quite a bit of work.

First they had to build a whole new building to house all of our servers and equipment. Thank the Lord for our short term Base Maintenance guy Matthew Lind! 

(if you are looking to support anyone with MAF please support this couple so they can stay here and extend their time here in Kinshasa.. Forever :-P, if you are interested visit their blog here

They also had to empty out the current IT office which from what I hear was quite full... Then take the VSAT down and transport it across town 


And then reinstall it in top of our awesome new IT shack. 

After the VSAT was installed they then had to realign quite a few of the antennas to have internet again.


Everyone did an awesome job and pitched in to get everything done quickly!! However there are still alot of little things to get done making sure everyone is connected and running smoothy. 


The difficult thing though is that here in Congo, we have lots of storms (most amount of lightning in the world), rain, dust... lots of things that internet, computers, antennas etc. don't really like. So to keep the internet running well is quite the chore... especially for some who is just learning as he goes along. However he does an amazing job! I am so proud of my husband!! 

We would like to ask for your prayers for one couple specifically that are in the pipeline to come to Congo specifically for IT work, they are Randy and Vanessa Clairmont (you can see their Blog here)
We believe that IT is a vital ministry here in the Congo and are very excited for this family to come here. So if you are interested in praying for them we and I'm sure they would love you forever! 

Here continues my shameless plug of these wonderful couples... if you weren't convinced here they are and again links to their blogs! 

Randy and Vanessa Clairmont. Blog Here
Matthew and Lisa Lind. Blog Here

So that's my big exciting story about IT work here in Congo... and here is some cute pic's of Rue to finish it off :-) 
Pretty Dress

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