Where'd the water go?!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

We've been having some water problems since we got back, its just been a little bit on and off cause the city wasn't sending us water so one day when the water was off again I didnt think anything of it, until Nick came home and said that we were leaking water all over the place and into where we just got our new electrical cable installed!

Usually it would probably take anywhere up to 2 weeks to get someone in to fix it so instead Nick called up Matthew right away and as Nick was supposed to be doing boys bible study so when we went to tell them that he couldnt be there they decided that they wanted to help as well!

So off they went the boys, Nick and Matthew to fix up our water pipe! They were able to get it patched up by about 9pm that night...

But it still needed a little bit of work, so Nick had a day off the next day, and Matthew and Nestor came over and got right into it!

They worked really hard, found a valve to turn off the water, get some new pipe and put it all together!

I am so thankful for people that know how to do this type of stuff cause I would be pretty lost!!

anddd Done!


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