Events in EDRC

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I know that it has been a while since I have written and I would like to say that what has prompted me today is a little bit happier then it is, however prayer is needed so here I write. 

A couple of days ago a group called the M23 'took' the town of Goma, because of this and because of other people wanting to take advantage of the situation there has been unrest and violence in Eastern Congo and has spread to the area where MAF has a base in Buina. So the MAF families there have evacuated to Kampala, Uganda. However I am so content to stay that MAF is able to do what MAF does best and in the mist of this situation, we have 3 pilots and planes that are remaining in Buina and they are on standby to evacuate relief and mission workers. 

So I would like to first of all I would like to praise the Lord for our families with MAF in EDRC and am so glad for a safe place for them to go to wait out this situation. I would like to ask for your prayers for all people Expat and Congolese alike in this volatile region. Also I ask that you pray that this violence would end. 
I ask for you to pray because I know that God is the only one that truly knows what is going on; he knows all of the political/personal agenda's and what to do about them. God is big enough for this situation. I would like you to praise God for our pilots and our MAF planes here in Congo and that we are able to use them in a situation for this that our pilots are on standby to evacuate people to safety; and pray for them as they fly for safety and for all who need to be evacuated. 

So what does that mean for you?!

I'm sure you are all wondering if I'm sitting cozy here in Kinshasa? Today, yes I am. We are expecting a bit of a higher population of police on the streets during this time; there were some protests a couple of days ago but for the most part we were completely unaffected by them and to my knowledge there was no one injured. However I would ask for your prayers for the political leaders that reside in Kinshasa, pray for them and pray for the decisions that they are going to have to make in regards to this situation. 

I know that the news says that the M23 group plans on 'marching on Kinshasa' however DRC is a very very large country and the roads are very very bumpy so if that really is their plan, we will see them a loooong time in coming and react accordingly. 

So please be in prayer for all in the Congo and surrounding countries affected by this situation and remember us in your prayers so that Congo can continue on the road to healing and not just living day to day.