Vanga and Kikongo in pictures

Friday, November 23, 2012

I thought that I would do my own quick post about our 'vision' trip that we took to kikongo and Vanga when Nicole was here. 


Every year MAF lets each MAF family take the plane and go and visit one of the places that we frequently fly to. 

We had quite the good looking pilot ;-)

The husbands get to see the 'MAF' ministry every day as they work and the wives have their own at home; but this gives the chance for the whole family to see why the airplane is needed in some of these remote parts of Congo. 

And also just for some good rest and relaxation!

Since Nicole was coming anyways we decided that it would be lots of fun to have her come along and experience a day in the life of MAF.

Nicole was in Kinshasa for a couple of days, then we headed out in the MAF plane for the weekend. We first stopped in Vanga.



In Vanga there is a very large hospital where a bunch of German 'brothers' works and serve. They have been there for a very long time; its humbling to see their commitment to the psychical and spiritual healing of the Congolese. 

We got there with some very tried babies and a little boy covered in puke. So we cleaned up and dropped me and the two littlest ones off to stay at a missionary's house there. Everyone else went for tour of the town and hospital.


They came back, we had a lovely lunch and jumped back into the airplane to head to Kikongo.

At takeoff...

Right before landing ZZzzzzzz.....

Glen and Rita Chapman are Missionaries in Kikongo and have been there well... longer then Ive been alive ;-) 

There is also a hospital in Kikongo a bible school where Glen teaches. They do many things for the community there, they teach, take care of animals (they have a thought to be extinct kind of claw-less otter), they encourage and they are an amazing light for the community as they love on them.

We stayed in Kikongo for 2 nights, we swam in the river

Most of us got a ride on Glen's 'powered parachute' 

Got a boat ride

some got out of the boat ^_^

and rested.


It was a wonderful weekend seeing the beautiful country of Congo and meeting an amazing couple that are so wonderful!