That place across the road

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

I would like to give you a quick tour of the house that we will be moving into in the next couple weeks! This is the house as it is when we got the keys. It will be getting quite a bit of paint and a few fixes here and there. We are still hoping that with all of that that we will be moved in by the 15th! We are praying that God would bless this house and we would be able to use it to minister and encourage the Congolese and other Ex-pats.

The shortest wall Ive ever seen in Kinshasa is between us and our neighbor

Our water storage, this will be going up on something so that we can have gravity water

The back wall

mmmmm look at that yard!
Hall Bathroom with office on the left and Rue's room on the right

Hall bath



Salon! Yes! A big reason we wanted to move, we now have room to host!
Salon... yup we have a fire place

Master bedroom, its actually smaller then the other rooms but it has its own bathroom and closet

Master Bedroom and it also has its own entrance

In the back, to the left will be the laundry room and will also have a deep freeze and to the right is the guest house

Back door into Kitchen
Outside sink

Laundry house

Guest house Salon

Guest house bedroom

Guest House Bathroom

Oh and apparently we get a chicken as well. They say she may lay eggs soon!

So this is the house as is right now! We are excited to get started on it this week and you could pray for us that everything goes really well!


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