Congo hates electronics

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hey everyone! So my computer has officially died and so this is my first blog off the iPad! I hope to continue to keep you updated however the pictures will probably be just ones that I have taken on my iPad instead of my camera.

A couple of days ago I was cooking in the kitchen and I often look at recipes on my computer however as our kitchen isn't fully finished i had it set on not a very sturdy surface... Which when I went to close my computer it then fell onto the ground. I was so angry at myself... It worked for a couple of days after that until it decided it just wouldn't turn on anymore...

I'm praying... God PLEASE heal my computer (he does that sort of thing right?!) because I live in Congo where there is no AppleCare or store to quickly get my computer fixed at... And as everyone knows I do a lot of stuff on my computer, I do newsletters, photos, school work, ugh lots of stuff but now if I want to get it fixed I need to send it back to Canada, but there is no postal system really so I have to fine someone to send it with... I think at this point I am physically sick thinking about all of this.

So you know what? I cried. Yup that's right I cried for my broken computer and being in a country that doesn't have an apple store. Because you know what? Congo hates electronics. It does. Really no joke. It's humid here all the time, it rains all the time, there is sand everywhere and all the houses have tile floor. If anything was less electronic friendly I don't know what it would be.

But after I cried over my poor poor self and my obsessive love for my computer and everything on it, I got over myself and remember that there is a couple here in Kinshasa right now adopting from Alberta. Hmm that's convenient. And I have this FANTASTIC sister in Alberta that is willing to take my computer to the Apple store and get it fixed, then hopefully in a couple weeks when it's fixed there are some Pilots with MAF that will be traveling back and they can bring it back to me.

So you know what, I'm probably going to break more stuff, or Congo may break more stuff but luckily God teaches us to be open handed, so then he can put stuff in it and take stuff out and teach me that it's OKAY and he always takes care of his Children even when they let their computer fall on the floor. We are so spoiled to have such an amazing Father who just happens to be The Lord if the universe.