The little house on the Prairie

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Well it's not really on the Prairie but we think its a pretty cool little house. I would like to introduce you to our guest house! We got it all ready last week for our Bosses Boss and his wife to come and stay with us (who are FANTASTIC people and i was glad i got to hang out with them for a week :-) Nick and Matthew put a lot of work into fixing up this place to make it cozy and livable for those who would like to stay with us. There are still lots of things that we will try to equip our little house with as the months go along (and funds become available) we do need to replace the roof there are a couple of little leaks. This little house was one big reason why we moved into the house that we did, we wanted the ability to host and to host well. We now have this beautiful place open for MAF visitors coming and other people needing a place to stay in Kinshasa. We will be getting a new mattress for the bed as this one was borrowed hopefully if we can find mosquito netting ( not already made into a specific size) are hoping make a frame around the bed so that it would be possible to sleep on the top bunk but anyways enjoy the pictures and if you could say a prayer that God would bless all who stay here that would be much appreciated!