Loss and Gains

Friday, March 29, 2013

It's been quite a while since my last blog post and even though the blog has been quite boring our life has been anything but that.

Right after my last post we had a very unexpected sadness in that our cat Serenity suddenly died. We still are not sure about what happened or why she died but think that she may have had complications with her pregnancy and while outside one night just died. It was very hard to suddenly not have her around anymore, she was a very good friend and hunter. I never had to kill my own cockroach or spider while she was around.


John and Nestor helping fix the roof

I also had a bit of a hard time with the last class that I was taking, it wasn't that it was a extremely difficult class, I did well but that the prof seemed a little disorganized and expectations were unclear.

But I also had my 25th birthday on march 14th! Woo that sort of seems like a big number hey?! My moms birthday was just a few days before in the 11th and she's 52, and if you turn that backwards that's 25! So it's like we are almost the same age lol. Anyways it was a great day of fun as Nick, Matthew and Lisa all look me out for dinner to a Chinese place as I have been spouting that I wanted Chinese for the last month haha. It was a great dinner hanging out with great friends. Nick also took me out shopping one day and we bought a new kitchen counter, which is fabulous because storage space in our house is very limited so its nice to have a little bit more room to put things.

We then had some awesome guest come and stay at our place that were here putting in some solar panels at a local orphanage, they were only here for a couple days but were great to get to know.
Praying for Matthew and Lisa at their 'See you Later' Party

Then after them it was finally time for the Matthew and Lisa to take residence in our guest house for a week as they prepared leave Congo on their next adventure. I'm sure by now you know that Matthew, Lisa, Nick and I have become good friends in the last year that they have been here and now we were down to the last week of them being with us in Congo. They are going to transition from short term to career missionaries with MAF head back to the States raise support and learn French to come back to Congo to help with administration and management. We so glad that this is their plan and what they are wanting to do however we are sad right now to see them so. I told Lisa a couple of weeks ago that I would be so sad when they left and maybe even write a blog post about it haha.

Hanging with the Kiddos

So for the last week they stayed with us as they finished packing up their house and giving things away and packing to take their lives back to North America. It was a fun week to have them here and be able to spend some good time with them before they left. It got a little bit busy as just as they were leaving our 2 MAF families from Lubumbashi had just arrived to stay for the next week here then the week after for our family conference. So they came in just as the travel service was trying to get the Linds to hurry up and leave. It was indeed a overwhelming day of tearful goodbyes and see you laters and also trying to get the new family all settled in with their 3 kids.

Fancy new logo eh?!

The next couple weeks are a bit busy as we have our family conference next week and our other MAF families that we have not been able to spend anytime with are here. Once all the dust settles and we are just left to our thoughts my sorrow for the Loss in my heart of some really great friends may settle in (even though it is just for a little while) however for now we will appreciate the gains of new friends, relationships... and bunnies.