What was meant for evil he turns around for good!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Nick left to go on a trip to Uganda and as soon as he left it seemed like everything wanted to start falling apart (Ok well not quite that dramatic but it felt like it at one point when I was feeling sorry for myself). Even though this situation seemed to happen at a bad time and we kept finding things that were broken, there were many more blessings then curses in this situation. We started off with the connection with the main SNL line going to our house burning up, which made us realize that our cable was too small, in looking to replace that we broke a water pipe which made us realize that it’s really been leaking for quite a while (when Rod went to pick it up it pretty much just snapped apart) then in replacing the cable we realized there was something wrong with the neutral line not here but elsewhere probably affecting many other people as well. AND because Nick was not here I had to be the one that was here (with TONS of help from Rod) talking to the people that were here bringing them cokes and just getting to know the SNL workers and our guards so much better. So really I feel quite blessed that I was able to be here during all of this and I hope now when Nick comes home the house will be in tip top shape... well instead of the driveway. So here are the pictures showing the progression of finding things broken and getting them fixed!

This is right outside of our gate they cut away the burnt up piece and will splice a new piece of cable in. They had to break apart half of our driveway to get at this.

This was the burnt up piece

New splice... with tar... which they had to undo probably 3 times after this.

After they put in the new splice in front of our gate and I told them we have been having problems with our neutral, they tested the neutral when the power came back on and it had 70 volts in it. They through the problem was in our cable so they dug that up too. 

Since the neutral had 70 volts and thought it was our cable that needed to be replaced they  hooked my whole house up to once phase until we could get the cable replaced.

As they dug up the cable in the garage they hit a water pipe.

Which by the looks of everything around it had been leaking for white a while. This is a rusted covering around some old ground wire.. we have no idea where it goes

It did not take much effort to get the pipe out... it pretty much broke when Rod picked it up and twisted a little.

Piece of wire and covering that was under the leaky pipe

Digging a nice whole in our drive way to get to the small cable and disconnect it to run a new one.

Have I mentioned that our workers are fantastic.

We took the water pipe all up in the garage to right outside it the pipe you see to the left comes from the pump, it seemed in good shape so we left it.

Cable on the left is too small and is what they think caused the burn up on the road.

New cable and water pipes.

Opps... this was a good PVC pipe that we may have hit with a pic axe so we had to replace that too...

Rod working on the pipe we hit with the pic axe

New cable being laid. As you can see instead of taking up more cement going to the road they just dug a whole under it.

New cable all hooked up to the meter.

New pipes. We left some of the old pipes in the ground disconnected because it would have been a lot of damage/work to get it out. 

Such pretty new water pipes and cable

Even though it was hot and Ruth and I didnt bathe for a couple days she took it all in stride.

 So thank you Lord of stretching me this week bringing me new people to get to know and getting to know others better that I already knew. Help me to continue to engage in the culture and not be nervous about making cultural blunders but to let my willingness and the light you have put inside of me shine instead! 


  1. I need to link this to my blog now. :) I am glad everything is working now.

  2. Thank you, Rod, for always being there to help!