First Birthday

Friday, July 19, 2013

We have settled back into Congo just fine over the last several weeks, it look Ruth about a week to settle back into life here. She was pretty jet legged and slept for 16 hrs a night until she fully adjusted. We jumped back into life in full force, most of out other MAF families have gone away for the summer so it is just Nick and Rod here as pilots and Ron dealing with the office and managerial work. 

Nick has flown quite a bit right after we got back he had 2 unexpected extended overnights as MAF has been doing quite a few flights to a city in northern Congo where World Vision has been starting to invest quite a bit they are opening up school, children and farm projects and will be having their grand opening soon. We are so glad to be able World Vision be more effective in their mission. 

Nick has also been doing quite a bit of IT work, there have been some awesome changes in the internet program of MAF. There have been some changes in aviation programs, use of a new satellite and working to find the more effective file sharing programs. All n all I have a very hard working husband.

Though Nick has been a busy guy we have had lots of good family hangout time. Ruth's big day came along her first birthday! I can't believe that she's already been around for a year, she is growing so fast and her personality emerging in great leaps and bounds. She is so much fun to hang out with, is talking like crazy though no real words come out other then a random 'No' and 'Mama'. 

It is such a pleasure to watch Nick slowly become a father, each day getting to know her more and them falling in love as father and daughter. It is quite a fun thing to watch. I am really quite the spoiled women to have such a fantastic daughter and husband. 

We didn't do much on Ruth's birthday and much to Nicks sadness he wasn't even able to see her because he got home to late, however we did do our best to throw a birthday party for her. Nick and I have realized that we really are not that good at celebrating. Here in Congo if you would like to celebrate events you have to go to quite the effort because its not like here that the shops start playing the seasonal music or sell a variety of decorations to choose from. Also a majority of our ex-pat friends have gone on vacation for the summer, so when thinking about throwing a party for Ruth we felt a little like bad parents for a while that we did not have a bunch of kids that we could invite over. But we soon realized that there were still many people around... some that we had not even met yet that would enjoy a 1 year olds birthday party. 

It was a good time of new friends and old ones celebrating our fantastic 1 year old! 


  1. Wishing you a very belated happy birthday Ruth! whoot whoot