The Bauman wedding and visit with Family

Monday, July 01, 2013


I had very good intentions of doing a blog before I left to Canada however I did not get the chance. However the last 2 months have been crazy ones, we have just been trying to keep ourselves doing what we need to do everyday.  

About 2 months ago, when Nick was in Uganda and I was dealing some electrical and water issues it came to our attention that Nick Grandma was quite ill and in the hospital. So Nick left his IT conference that he was at early so that he might be able to make it back to Canada before she passed away. She however passed on as he was still en route. 

It was a sad time and difficult for for us as I lived with Bertha while Nick and I were engaged and he loved her quite a bit. While he was gone however I decided that Nick should no longer take vacation time without me. He had planned on heading back to Canada in June for his best friend Ryan Baumans wedding. Originally I didnt think it would be possible for me to go as well but the events of Berthas passing and my stress from my school work put my brain into a little bit better perspective. 

So we bought Ruth and I some tickets and because I don't have to count my vacation time we decided to go a couple weeks before Nick and spend some quality time with the Fam. 

I made sure that I was not doing any classes during that time and Ruth and I headed off back to Canada. It is a interesting thing flying for 36 hrs with a 11 month old, we learnt alot about each other during that time and all and all we both made it out alive. 

We landed in Edmonton with my parents there to greet us as I my sister was traveling herself in Ecuador and was coming in the next day. My Auntie Lydia and Uncle Ken came to visit right away and Ruth took right to them. My mom just hung out at my sisters place with us for several days then headed back to Grande Prairie as she was running a Quickbooks course, then my sister and I drove down a couple of days later to spend some more time with Grandma and Grandpa. 

While we were there my Aunt Wilma, Cousin Leanne, Dave and their daughter Adele came to visit! I was so glad they came down and it was so good to see them... even if Dave's locker did get broken into at the multiplex. 

My Dad and I then proceded to drive together down to Athabasca to see the GREAT Grandparents. It was the first time Ruth met her Great Grandpa Chris and we had the chance to see almost all the Aunts and Uncles (See you next time for sure Uncle Rolly) and all the cousins... though Gavin came to visit twice and Ruth was sleeping both times... Sorry Gav! 

Then came the reason why we traveled to Canada! Ruth and I flew out to Kamloops rented a car and drove to the Beautiful Quaaout Lodge outside of Chase, BC. Oh man have I missed the mountains!! They are so beautiful and majestic. 

It was a nice drive, with speed limits and beautifully followed traffic regulations, arrived at the lodge to my very sick husband who then proceeded to pretty much just sleep until the morning of the wedding. Ruth and I took Nicks place in the rehearsal (Which is a great place to stand and take Photos :-) and let him know what he had to do later. Then had a fantastic dinner of Salmon burgers and running back and forth between feeding Ruth and checking to make sure Nick was still living. Hillary Weber and I got to hang out quite a bit as her husband was also a groomsmen and she has a daughter just 3 days younger then Ruth, but Lucy stayed back home so Ruth was Hillary's Lucy fix and it gave me lots of breaks to be able to look after Nick as well. 

The wedding day was perfect, the sun was out, nice puffy clouds floating in the sky. I drove Nick to the Cabin where the boys were staying in the morning, his fever had broken in the evening so he was feeling a little bit better. They got ready and Ruth and I drove back to get ready as well.

Look at her! The Ceremony was awesome and Barb was Gorgeous! 

At this point in time, Ruth has met about 100 new people had lots of skipped naps and was very very tired. So she didnt want to have a nap that day... really at all. Regardless of that she did fantastic during the ceremony and the rest of the day... even if she was a little cranky. 

We then tagged along for a bit of the photos to make sure that Nick stayed alive and drinking fluids. 

After the photos Nick took a nap until he was needed again at the reception. The reception was lots of fun, food was great and everyone had tons of fun! It best thing for me was that I was chatting with one of the ladies that worked at the lodge that was helping to make sure everything got done and mentioned that this was such a great group and many of the other people working at the lodge said that everyone was just so nice! I love that when the love of Christ just Oozes off people and they notice!  

Thanks so much Ryan and Barb for letting us be a part of your day! It is a honour to know you both :-)