How about that weather?!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lets have a little small talk and talk about the weather. 

Many people ask me what the weather is like here and the majority of my response has been "Hot and Humid" however right now its dry season, as we are south of the equator a couple degrees dry season is equivalent to saying that it is winter here. Usually during the rainy season it gets hotter and hotter for a couple days then we have a beautiful big rain and it cools everything down... And repeat from Sept ish to May ish but now it's dry season and I'm not going to lie, it is blissful here!

I missed last dry season as I was back in Canada having Ruth so I left hot weather and came back to hot weather. This year though I have been able to enjoy the full extent of dry season. 

It has not rained in a while so it's hasey so I also haven't seen the blue sky or sun in months, but it's cool! Like almost sweatshirt cool, almost 'to cool to go jump in the pool sometimes' cool! And for this Canadian girl it's just about as close to paradise as I can get! 

Randy Clairmont and Abby
Also the 'winter time' aka June to Aug is a time when lots of Expats (international people) go on holidays cause their kids are out of school so it's also been a time when we have been able to just hang out at home, work on the house without having lots of other engagements. So it's been wonderfully restful in that way, but busy in others because many of our other MAF staff are on holidays so for a while it was just Nick and Rod flying, one week Nick even flew 6 days! 

Also because there has not been a lot of rain our IT specialists have been able to get ahead and do some solid work on some of our Internet systems and antennas to prepare for rainy season. During rainy season there is lots of Rain (AKA rainy season), lighting and wind... Which doesn't agree with antennas, satellites, wires and such. During the Rainy season, our IT guys spend a lot of time putting back antennas that have been blown away from the 'line of sight' of the VSAT and repairing things that have been struck by lightning.

Nick fixing an antenna
We have also had the privilege of having a visit from our future IT specialist and his family Randy and Vanessa Clairmont that will here in Kinshasa next year. We have enjoyed our time with them and Nick, Avuta and Pierre have appreciated his expertise with some troubleshooting issues. We are so excited to have them here full time next year. 

Some owls that have taken residence in our trees
So though we have throughly enjoyed our Dry season we feel it starting to end and the Rainy season slowly making its way back to us. Its been getting a little bit hotter some days but still no rain. We look forward to everything to become a little greener again, however I will enjoy my cool days as long as I can have them :-) 


  1. Sounds so like Niger except the seasons are reversed (being north of the equator) and the dry season lasts from October to June each year, so it gets completely brown and then when the rains start, very green (comparatively). Ruth is cute as ever and always love reading your news.