What do I miss?

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Many people have asked me what types of things that I miss while we are here. Usually it's people that are coming to visit and want to bring something special. However it's a bit of a difficult question because the things that I miss are not necessarily things that can be brought in a suitcase.

I miss buying meat at the store and not having to wonder if its bad or not.
I miss just going to one grocery store knowing everything I will need will be there.
I miss buying cheap ice cream that's not already melted and refrozen x5.
Christmas 2010
I miss not getting stuck in traffic.
I miss trusting the police.
I miss snow, and crisp cool air.
I miss stop signs, yield signs and 4 way stops.
I miss street lamps. 
I miss parks, libraries and community events.
I miss the stars.
I miss the northern lights and roasting marshmallows.
I miss not picking bugs out of my rice.
I miss gas stations with sorta clean bathrooms.
I miss quick meals. 
I miss my family and my friends. 

Though there are many things that I miss from Canada there are many things that I have come to love here in Congo. 

I love my friends and fill in family here
I love meeting all the amazing people here doing amazing things with loving hearts toward Congo.
I love all the strong women and men that have persevered despite severe hardship.
Flying over Kinshasa
I love making new family traditions.
I love Congo thunder storms.
I love mangos for 20cents a peice.
I love our house (our very first house as a family).
I love African Fabric and hand tailored clothes.
I love hosting families coming to visit and seeing Congo through fresh eyes again. 
I love being able to be home with my Daughter.
I love (well I try to love) having to humble myself daily to rely on God for strength and wisdom.
I love not having to pay attention to Miley Cyrus.
I love baby rabbits... And love them when they get big enough to eat :-).
I love the amazing opportunity it is to live here and understand how most of the world lives
Because it makes me love the little things so much more. 

Today is officially 36 days till we will be arriving in Hawaii for my sisters wedding (woo!) and when one starts thinking about leaving one place to another it makes me remember all the things that I miss and I may even start dreaming about the snow we will get to enjoy this winter for the first time in almost 3 years and a starbucks eggnog latte. We are so excited to spend time in training and with family for christmas however I feel that I may also get to a opposite point where I will be loving all the things in Canada but be missing everything I love here in Congo.


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