Due date

Saturday, April 26, 2014

I am officially 40weeks and 1 day pregnant as Yesterday was my due date. It went by pretty uneventful,  however I think these last couple days waiting are more nerve wracking... Or exciting whichever for our friends and family then it is for me. 

Ruth was also 4 days overdue, so I am expecting about the same this with baby boy here which will take us to the 28th of April. I am excited for this little guy to come along and my body is done being pregnant and excited to get back on its road to being about to pick up my own clothes off the floor but I also am excited and know that God has perfect timing for when that will happen. 
40 week belly... and Auntie Nicole
In the mean time we have been keeping ourselves busy with different MAF work, reading, napping, playing with Ruth and just enjoying some good family time. 

Getting ready to have a child for the second time and made me realize just how much I didn't know or didn't prepare for when we had Ruth and just the amazing bunch of people we had taking care of us. We are excited this time that we know a little bit more about how the process goes and have been able to prepare more and are excited to again bring a little person into the world.
Ruth; 1 week old, almost a year and almost 2 years old.
Ruth has been growing and learning like crazy, she has been talking so much and is learning new words everyday. She loves to play with auntie and the puppies and wants to be outside ALL day, which has been possible more and more and everything has melted here and the sun has been shining (though I hear rumours it's supposed to snow again this weekend. 

Ruth and Papa!! 
Nick is still very busy with lots emails and research for his new position of Accountable manager he will be fully stepping into starting beginning of July and for some new changes to the way that DRC is requiring MAF (and other airlines) to operate. These are tedious changes but we really believe that in the long run will bereally beneficial. 

Also for those in the Edmonton area, we are having a baby shower / birthday party (for Ruth) on May 3 at 12:30. So if your around and you want to come by and see us let me know we would love to see you! 

So in the mean time we covet your prayers for a safe and healthy delivery of our Son coming any day now and also for our return back to Congo in a few short weeks.