The end of a long silence

Thursday, April 03, 2014

It had been a busy busy 2 months. Nick has been off on many adventures, which started off with taking him from Alberta to Wichita, Ks where did he one week of flight safety training for the Cessna Caravan that we have in Kinshasa. Over the past 2 years he has been checked out to fly the 206 (6seats) and the 182 (4seats) but now he is all checked out to fly the Caravan which has 9 seats. He did this in part because the Kinshasa program has fundraised for and purchased a PC-12 which has the same amount of seats as the Caravan but is pressurized so it can go farther quicker letting us cover more of the the great expanse of Congo in a shorter time (which means less overnight trips, which makes us wives very happy :-)) So he is now checked out on the Caravan which gives some of our other pilots time and ability to fly the new PC-12. 

After that he flew down to Idaho, to MAF-US headquarters where we were for leadership training and there participated in Chief Pilot, Chief of Matienence and instructor pilot seminars. Because he will be becoming the Program Manager of our program in Kinshasa he has to be know what is required in different positions that he will be in charge of... And doing some things around the house like build a chicken coop.

Game night with my cousins!
During this time Ruth and I were at my parents house, having some quality time with grandma and grandpa and I started a course, statistics to be exact. Which I soon realized that it would be quite the feat to do the course, be pregnant and take care of Ruth. However I did just finish the class last week and ended up with an 'A'which was very exciting. 

So after Nicks time in Idaho and my time in Grande Prairie, Ruth my Dad and I drove to Edmonton to my sisters house and Nick came back to Alberta for a week to spend a little bit of time with Ruth and I. Then Nick headed back to Congo. He has been quite busy there, spending time with the current program manger, talking and learning about what his role will look like. He then headed to Turkey for the annual managers conference, which was a week full of meetings, meetings and more meetings. Hopefully I will get him to be able to write about the experience to you soon. He found it all very beneficial and was able to learn a lot and meet some really cool MAF people from all over the place.

Just today he headed back to Congo where our Family conference has kicked off, so he will jump right into that being able to encourage our families there before he heads back to be with us in just 10 days!! 

I am 37 weeks today so we are hoping that this little guy will stay put until Papa gets here in just a week and a half. We are so looking forward to being reunited as a family and be able to have some good debrief time from our weeks apart. 
Ruth and I hanging out! 
Thanks so much to everyone in Canada and Africa that have loved on us and encouraged us we love and appreciate you.