Busy as can be

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My little Flower Princess
Its been non-stop busy since Nick has taken on the full time position of Accountable Manager/Program Manager here in Kinshasa. After the auditors left Nick had to go on a 4 day trip to Monkoto. It was a great time for him to get away from the Kinshasa busyness and also got to have some great chats with a handful of directors that are working in that area about how we can better work together. Not only just MAF with those organizations but also those organizations with each other so that we are not all doing our own thing but working together to be more effective.
He then came home friday afternoon to monday afternoon and then proceeded to go to Lubumbashi for 5 days.

Dan Carlson the Base Manager at the Lubumbashi hanger
The base in Lubumbashi helps serve the south of the country, here in Kinsahsa we serve the west and the MAF base in Bunia serves the East. Nick traveled to Lubumbashi for a couple of reasons; he had never been there before and because he gets to be the guy to sign off on stuff he needs to see what kinds of things we are doing down there and make solid relationships with those we are serving. He also needed to work together with our MAF families there on what they need the budget and ministry plan to look like for their base.
He had a great trip there, I do wish that I could have went as well but hopefully next time we can make the visit as a family.
Sam Wills in Lubumbashi
He is now back to the grind of office work and loving it, as long as we get to bed by 8pm haha; which I don't mind because after a week and a half of just me and the kids I was pretty tired.
A couple of things you could pray for; we have lots of families traveling in the next little while, to and from Congo. We are excited to have some of our families return after the summer, pray for traveling mercies.
There is also a new family that has finished fundraising and language school and on their way to us! We are so excited for Randy and Vanessa, he will be doing our IT work here, which since Nick has been busy with office work has been put on the back burner a little bit.
Also Matthew and Lisa Lind who were here with us for a year are just heading off to language soon in the next couple days. WOO!! We are so excited for them to be one step closer to being back here with us in Kinshasa.
3 Months Old!
Also,  Im sure you  have heard of the Ebola outbreak here in Africa. This is not currently in our area but with the ease of international travel it could travel quickly. The many medical NGO's along with WHO are working very hard to contain virus but it is difficult for them to keep track of the cases if people are not coming forward that they have it or know someone that died. So please be in prayer, it is not an airborne virus so it is transmuted through bodily fluids, because of that our best defence is to make sure we are washing our hands.  Even though it is not here we are making sure we are doing things like that a bit more and keeping a ear out for any sicknesses in the area. We hope and pray that it will not spread any more and for protection for those helping to do that.
So there are lots of things going on, lots of things that Nick needs Gods grace for to be able to get everything done, but also the wisdom to know when things can wait. 
Thank you so much for your prayers we hope and trust in a big God. A God even bigger then our busyness.