Hair Cut

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

So Ruth's hair was starting to look a little straggly... It was getting super long in the front and still looked like a mullet in the back...

So I thought to myself....
The hair that made me decide to try my hand at hairdressing
" I'm a missionary, it's like miraculously birthed into you when you decide to become a missionary that you can cut hair right?!"

And common I've been cutting Nicks hair for like almost 5 years now, I've got to be able to cut some simple bangs on my child... 


Was I ever so wrong. 

It started off quite innocent
Yup Ruth... I feel the same way about your hair
 "meh I'll just, you know, cut straight across bangs, cause those are cute" 

Then it escalated to 
"oh hey I'll just trim her mullet a little bit"

Then a little bit of straightening everything out 
"Cut a little here... Cut a little there... Ruth don't move, no no, don't move!"

"Oh my gosh what have I done... Maybe I can fix it... Seriously Ruth stop trying to spin the chair!... Oh no..."
If I pin the bangs back it doesn't look TOO bad...

And continued on
"Oh, what have I done... Oh, what have I done" 

And on
"Just a little more here... I'm SURE that will make it better. UGH Ruth... Your really not helping."

And on

Then it just stopped 
"I don't care if it's crooked if I cut more off she's going to be bald.

But look at Pascal... he's 5months now and super cute
So... I will probably say this many times in your life Ruth but; I am oh so sorry... There are some... many things your mother just can not do... And cutting your hair is just one of them. 

I apologize to all my hair dressing friends... 


  1. I think we've all done that to our kids, poor children. Thankfully, it grows! Headbands and scarves are great for growing out bangs. Fun post!