6 Months Old and Almost 30!

Monday, November 03, 2014

Wow, can it be that Pascal is already 6 months old! Time flies when your having fun hey? 
It is really quite crazy to me how much I love my little kiddos, they are so fun. Speaking of fun we are going on vacation!!! Yay!

In just 16 days we will be headed down to Durban, South Africa. I am super excited as this will be my first time going to another country in Africa, so far my african experience only includes Congo. 
We wanted to plan a trip that would be nice and relaxing with 2 little kids. Most african adventures are a bit well.. too adventurous for 2 small children so we decided on heading to Durban where we can sit on the beach and do a little shopping. 
Also, we will be there for Nicks 30th birthday!!! He's becoming such an old man ;-) So all and all we are pretty excited to get away from the stresses of life and job here in Kinshasa and celebrate together as a family. 

Pascal the Pirate (Yar!), Princess Ruth and Cowgirl Maddy! 

Also in just 8 days we have a new family arriving here. Randy and Vanessa Clairmont; we had the privilege of meeting them when they came to adopt their son Elijah over a year ago, now they are coming back and Randy will be doing our IT work. So we are busy getting ready for their arrival in just over a week. 
So lots of exciting things going on. Please continue to pray for Nick and the stresses and difficulties in his job. Its tempting to just let broken things stay broken because of the effort it takes to fix or replace them but we believe that God has us here because we are not the kind of people that are okay with status quo. He has a busy week next week as he has been invited to attend the National Prayer Breakfast with many important individuals that will be in attendance. Nick is hoping to meet some key people and talk to them about how MAF can best partner with them for the good of Congo and the Glory of God.