Christmas is more fun with Kids

Saturday, January 10, 2015

This was our 3rd Christmas spent in Kinshasa. Last year we were able to spend it in Canada. However I think that this was our first Christmas that I have really enjoyed here. I'm not to sure why it took me so long or what the correct conditions were to bring me to this point, nonetheless this Christmas was a fun one. 

I loved being able to set up the tree with Ruth and have her so excited about the decorations and the parties... other then she was convinced that Christmas was really all about 'Frozen' and kept calling our Christmas Tree a Kristoff Tree... We eventually borrowed a nativity set to tell the story of Jesus's Birth.
We had quite a few parties, cookie decorating, even a snow man piñata! There were lots of people visiting which really added to the festivities. 
Enjoy the pictures and I hope everyone had as much fun as we did!
Our Maf Staff Christmas Supper
Decorating cookies!!!

Emily and Lydia hangin with our kids during our Staff Supper
Mary and Sofia

Maddy being awesome

I want a bite Mom!!

Amy and Pascal
Lydia singing with the Kids

Maddy and Lindsey! Beauties!

Christmas Eve survice band
Baby stand-off

Ruth Loved the candles!

I missed these Girls!

Christmas day!

Snow man Piñata! 

Francis Family Choir!
The little girls were so dainty

Elijah for the Win!!

Best picture ever

mmm Candy

Wanna share?

Making her own Piñata to take home

Pascal laughs are the best

Merry Christmas!!