Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Beautiful flowers in my yard

9 Months old
Our life lately has been all about details. Nicks new position of the a Program Manager keeps him quite involved in the day to day details of MAFs workings, especially last week when there was civil unrest. We are very happy to report that the unrest finished with minimal damage and the vote came though as the people wanted. 
The census will still happen, but it will not effect the timing of the elections. We still hope and pray that the government will stick to its word and not try other tactics to dely the election. 
Even though there was unrest MAF still had flights almost everyday. Nick was busy days and nights keeping track of the news and rumours of the unrest and also coordinating flights, keeping track of people and making sure everyone made it home safe.
It makes for a tiring life when one has to pay close attention from minute to minute of the political climate and also of flight details. Nick also was receiving calls from other expats in the area as he is the chair of OSAC in Kinshasa (Overseas Security Advisory Commission). 
Needless to say that it was a week where our brains where overflowing with hundreds of little details.

What's ya doing Papa?
Ruth helping take down the tree
There is lots of planning going on, this Saturday is the going away party for our good friends and fellow team makes, Sandy and David Francis. 
David Francis working on the 182
They have served with MAF for 10 years and now is moving on to an amazing engineering job at Quest Aviation, the company that makes the Kodiak aircraft. We are sad to see them go but so excited for what God is doing next in their lives. 
We are also in the process of planning our family conference that will happen mid March. We are so excited to have a time where our team is able to get together for fellowship, rest and personal development. 
Then we have managers conference coming up in April. This year it is hosted in Idaho. We are excited to see many of our MAF friends and also some of our family that is going to come and spend time with the kids while we are in meetings. 
Passion Fruit and Flower
Also the timing of the meetings is perfect so that we are able to attend a close friends wedding in Canada. God is good :-)! 
Though international travel means that we need make sure all our documents are in order... Oops... Looks like Ruth's passport is about to expire. Just more details. 
Also Pascal just the other day turned 9 months old! ... Oh man, 9 months already! When did that happen. The little man is still refusing to crawl though he likes to roll around everywhere lol. Which makes for lots of bonked heads on the tile floor, but I think he will get the hang of it soon. 
Waterfall in Tembo

Anyways that's what's been churning around in my brain for the last month. Keep us in your prayer as we try to keep everything in order.